10 Basic Examples of Good Parenting

As a mother of a 7- year old rambunctious little girl, I have heard and read too much parenting advice from elderly relatives and experts through the years- both solicited and unsolicited.

Plenty of them are cliché and superstitious which I won’t talk about here.

The last thing I want you to spend your precious time on is reading a boring article- not with our crazy mommy duties and schedule!

I imagine you squeezing in just 10 minutes to find a good read while the baby is asleep. Did I mention that I’m doing this while my little girl is playing with her friends just a few minutes before lunch time? Let’s get started then!

Let’s get started then!

What I do want to share are habits that I have observed to be beneficial in a child’s growing years. I have put together some examples that I have witnessed from decades of observing parents of children who seem to have a very good behavioral foundation.

These parents are all different and come from all walks of life. This only goes to show that while there is no guaranteed formula to follow to be the best parents, there are ways to increase our chances of being the best that we can be.

1. Decide How You Want To Raise Your Child And Stick With It

Even before your baby is born, have a vision of how you want your child to grow up to be.

It’s a very good time to discover you and your spouse’s parental views and agree on a path.

Once the baby is born, you will find that your earlier agreement could be tweaked according to your child’s personality and other factors but having a core understanding of the values that you want in your child will prove to be fruitful later on.

Save you lots of arguing with your partner.

2. Provide Your Child With The Best Nourishment

Breastfeeding is still and always will be the best for our babies. Need I say more? Once they’ve outgrown that, serving home-cooked, whole foods as often as possible are truly rewarding so always have a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables in the kitchen and on the dining table ready for snacking or dessert.

Instant, processed and takeout food is convenient but do not provide nourishment for a growing child.

3. Talk To Your Child As An Equal Person

Baby talk is cute but does not do your child any good.  Based on what I’ve seen in friends’ children, talking to your child as early as their infant years in adult speech helps build a strong vocabulary and instill proper grammar and pronunciation foundation.

We can still talk to our children with an affectionate tone without translating into infant talk anyway. You will be proud of yourself when you see your child excel academically later on.

4. Establish A Routine

This third example is related to the first one. It is important to establish a daily routine to build the habits that you want to see in your child.

Example: if you want your youngster to have good sleeping habits, put him to bed at around the same time every night and wake him up at around the same time every morning.

This could be difficult at times especially for parents with erratic schedules, but if you stick to it, you will find the results more rewarding not just for your child but you as well. It could also make you reconsider your career- if you’re working graveyard shifts maybe it’s time to move into a job that allows you to sleep with your family at night so you could work during the day which proves to be healthy for you!

5. Teach Your Child Values

We are our children’s best teacher so demonstrate the values that you want to see in them as early as the toddler years while they still absorb these things easily as a sponge.

Don’t fret when you find that they take the time to remember everything- it could be overwhelming if they are learning many things in one go. Be patient, keep at it and they will eventually get all of it.

6. Be Involved In Your their Life

Play, read, sing, watch, study and grow with your little one!

Not only will your child appreciate this, but you will also strengthen the bond that you have between each other. As an individual, you will learn a lot from your child in many ways so make the most of their youth and be involved. You will get to know them better, and you will catch signs of imminent problems that you can avert even before they happen.

Don’t let life be an excuse—make time to live each day with your child.

7. Stay Consistent

Easier said than done, I know. S

Stay consistent with the values that you want to keep in your child’s life, it will establish right from wrong, approved from disapproved, cool and uncool in your their eyes. No matter what, work on staying consistent with your family values so that your child (and you, the parents, too!) don’t get confused.

8. Be The Role Model

It is true that children imitate what mommy and daddy do. All the time!

So see to it that you are doing as you preach- you will find yourself being reminded by the little human being in your house when they see you do something different than what you told them to do.

9. Provide An Avenue For Play And Recreation

Playing is probably the most vital activity for your child during his growing years as this is his best platform for learning, interacting, getting to know himself and the people around him. Give him ample time for this- it also develops skills and talents.

10. Make Time For Family

I know, I know, we are all busy. After all, we have to put food on the table, take care of the laundry and the dishes and a dozen other errands daily, right? These are important but even more important is the time that we spend just hanging out, chatting, sharing a meal, watching a movie or just about anything as a family!

Your child learns the importance, value and meaning of family and develops trust that is crucial and highly-needed once they’re grown.

What’s best is that spending quality time with the family no matter what you decide to do is a great way to de-stress from the week’s work!

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