10 Best Baby Books of the Year

We know all babies love books! 

In the early months mainly to pull the pages out, bang with them everywhere they go or turn the book corners into their everyday breakfast.

Books are an important part of your baby’s early development, so it is important to select books that will stimulate them.

If your baby is a bit too young for the classics, why not try one of these bestsellers, carefully pick by our editors, all suitable for babies under 2 years.

PS: Talking about classics – did you know Alice in Wonderland used to be banned in parts of China?

“Bears, lions and other beasts cannot use a human language. To attribute to them such a power is an insult to the human race.” General Ho Chien in 1931



Details: 1. Naptime with Theo and Beau, 2. Vincent and the Night, 3. Shark vs Train, 4. Llama Llama Sand & Sun, 5. Henry Finds his Words, 6. Peep and Ducky, 7. Ball, 8. The Babies and Doggies Book, 9. Rhymoceros, 10. Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada.