10 coolest gadgets for babies

If you’re a new parent, you know that anything that makes your life with the baby easier is a massive help.

The problem is the market is flooded with a lot of junk; that does very little and just collect dust in your house.

1. Pocket Nanny

As the name suggests, this device helps to take care of all your baby’s needs. Set up 4 timers for baby’s changing, feeding, sleeping and one optional, for example for medication. Comes in handy especially if you have someone over taking care of the baby as they don’t have to watch the clock all the time.  Comes with a convenient back-clip so you can always have it with you wherever you are in the house! Currently sold at $22.95 (link above for details).

Comes with a convenient back-clip so you can always have it with you wherever you are in the house! Currently sold at $22.95 (link above for details).


2.  Baby Shusher – The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies

Soothes grumpy baby with rhythmic sound, a technique adopted from “Happiest Baby on the Blog”. $30.99


3. Beaba Babycook

It is a steamer, warmer, defroster and blender in one handy machine. If you prefer to know what exactly goes into your baby’s food, then this is a must-have for you!

Read more about this product and all reviews on Amazon, currently available for $114.99


4. Liamo Self-warming Bottle

Self-warming bottle made in Denmark makes it easy to warm up milk on the go, $28.96


5. Smart Baby Monitor

In the jungle of baby monitors, you can get easily swayed into buying the latest device, without actually realizing if the extra brand new features are useful for you. We believe this monitor is as close as you can get to perfection – in addition to your baby, it also monitors the room temperature, humidity, and motion. Watch your child sleep from your iPhone or another device. Currently available from $199.00.


6. Ba Baby Bottle Holder

At only $19.99 this little helper will make drinking from bottle easy, even for babies as young as three months. BPA free, available in 3 colors.


7.  Pacifier Thermometer

If your baby is feeling unwell, the last thing you want to do is try to stick a traditional thermometer under his arm. Crying, turning and twisting, it is almost impossible. This pacifier is a brilliant solution; it calms the baby while measuring his temperature! $10.42


8. Keep it Clean Pacifier

While we’re at the practical stuff – this doesn’t qualify as a gadget – but it saves a lot of your time from not having to wash the pacifier every time it ends up on a floor! (or have an army of 50 available pacifiers on hand). As it falls, it automatically closes up it shell, protecting it from dirt and germs on the floor. $7.33 in a range of different colors and patterns.


9. Vibrating Mattress Pad

I wish they made one of these for adults! While your baby tries to fall asleep, this little helper will send gentle vibrations to help him snooze off! $20.49.


10. Onesie with Baby Monitor

This will be most definitely the most expensive onesie you will buy (at $199.00), but it does more than just look good! It monitors the baby’s breathing patterns, notifies you when the baby wakes up, controls body position and skin temperature. Works with any mobile device and you can even download the stats from your phone. Can be custom made at MimoBaby.com



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