10 Healthy Diet Tips For Busy Moms

When you are a busy mom, it can be hard to remember to eat, much less remember to eat healthily.

With small kids I am lucky if I get one decent meal a day, the rest usually consist of junk, coffee and whatever my kids don’t eat their food.

But there are simply ways to get on track with a healthy diet.

Try one at a time, so you don’t feel overwhelmed or do them all at once.

1. Be Prepared

One of the things moms need is a quick and easy snack, so make it a healthy one. Have a bowl of cut up fruit ready in the fridge.

Have another with veggies and dip beside it. That way you can grab them instead of a cookie.

You could save 100 calories or more this way.


Photo: Learning Lift Off

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

It’s so easy just to grab a cup of coffee and be done.

But take the time to eat something it will pay off. You will save calories by eating less throughout the day than if you had skipped breakfast.


Recipes from Greatist.com

3. Drink Water

If you typically grab juice or soda to drink, switch to water.

You can save 150 calories or more each time you make the switch.


Graphics & more details from TheYummyLife.com

4. Skinless Chicken Breast

If you cook dinner with chicken, make sure to remove the skin (or buy it that way). It will save 100 calories.


Recipe by: CookingClassy.com

5. Milk Instead Of Creamer

If you drink coffee to get through the day, switch out your creamer with skim milk. This can save 50 calories per cup. Additionally, you can try sugar-free creamer to cut calories.


Iced coffee, recipe by CookingClassy.com

6. Trade Muffins For Oatmeal

If you typically eat a muffin, bagel or doughnut at breakfast switches it out for oatmeal with fruit. It’ll save a whopping 250 calories.


Recipe by: AnotherRoot.com

7. Snack On Fruit Before Meals

Try eating a helping of fruit before you have lunch or dinner. Studies have shown people eat an average of 200 calories less if they snacked on fruit 15 minutes before meals.


Homemade fruit snacks, recipe by Hip2Save.com

8. Make Smoothies

Smoothies are great because in one easy swoop you can make your breakfast and your lunch. Fill it with greens, proteins, and fruits and it will keep you full and energized.

Plus it will save hundreds of calories for your lunch and dinner.


Healthy smoothies by Averiecooks.com

9. Give Yourself a Break

Take five minutes every morning for yourself. Do whatever you need to make it happen and just enjoy it.

Plan your day, your food, whatever you need. Starting out the day calm and prepared will cut down the stress eating and save hundreds of calories in uneaten chocolate and ice cream.

10. Freeze It

Freeze yogurts to have as a frosty dessert instead of ice cream. Craving doughnuts and twinkies?

Keep them frozen so you won’t be able to eat four without thinking. The time it takes to eat one frozen doughnut will stop you from eating more.

You’ll save hundreds of calories by knocking down the sweets.