10 Original Ways to Document Your Baby’s First Year

The first year of having a baby flies by, the days are long but the months are amazingly short.

With both my children it felt like I blinked and I was celebrating their first birthdays (how quickly I forgot those long nights and months of no sleep).

The great thing is that there are so many great ways to help you keep track of all the little moments that seem to get lost while just trying to keep everyone on some sort of routine.

Check out these adorable ways to keep track of your baby’s first year.

1. Baby Onesie Quilt

I love this idea because both my kids had outfits that I just adored. So you can take your favourite baby onesies and turn them into a great quilt.


2. Baby’s Annual Report

I love this one because it’s witty and cute, especially if you’ve got any business minded people in the family.

Frame it and put in it your baby’s nursery, makes also a great gifts for relatives! Details from Pinterest.


3. 1 Second Every Day

The idea is that you take a video, edit it down to 1 second and the app will create a video montage at the end of the year. 365 seconds of cuteness for just $1!


4. One Line a Day

On the same theme as the 1 second a day, this book is a journal where you write one line a day to remember your baby for that day.


5. Comparison Photos

Have a special toy or animal that you bought for your little one?

Take a picture of them with it every month or every day, see how quickly they grow. Even better make sure they are in the same spot for every picture, then you will really see the changes.


6. Footprint Art

Every month stamp your little one’s feet onto canvas or cardboard. It makes a great art piece for the nursery, especially since you can easily match the theme of the nursery.


7. Monthly Milestones

These are great for knowing when your baby did what and they can be paired with a photo or put in a baby book!

8. Draw a Scene

One great way to have fun with documenting their first year is to put them on a big chalkboard or a big piece of cardboard. Draw a scene behind them.

If you are not artistic you can just write their months or some of their recent milestones on the chalkboard instead.


9. Record it

There’s nothing cuter than baby babbles and giggles and then catching that first word. So record some of those sounds and use them in a slideshow with pictures. It will really bring the memories to life.

10. Sweet Treat

This is probably the way that your baby (and mine) would appreciate the most.

Take a photo with your baby and a number of treats to represent how many months old they are. They’ll be cute, messy and happy for the pictures.

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