10 Parenting Lessons from Tom and Jerry

Parenting is loads of fun. Parenting is a journey unknown.

Most of the time parenting is about being scared. Which is why laughter here and there is a welcomed therapy especially for new parents.

By all means, take yourself back down childhood memory lane if it calms you down. Even if it means reclusing to classic cartoon shows.

Something like “Tom and Jerry”.

You may not notice, but thousands of clips from this cartoon show relates to parenting.

One way or another, you’d be able to relate to these clips. And you’d find yourself laughing at the truth behind what you’re about to see.

You won’t realize it, but you already feel a little better, a little less stressed and little more ready to face your screaming spawn.
Here’s what “Tom and Jerry” have to say about parenting.

You won’t get it the first time

This was the show!

As you may have realized, you had to try several times before getting it right. It may be making a bottle, changing a diaper or giving the baby a bath.

Practice is needed and sometimes failing is necessary. But I hope none of us have failed as miserably as Tom did cos that would be incredibly hilarious.

Spawns are always HUNGRY


When I mean always, I mean all the time. They’re always hungry. Especially if you have growing boys!

You’d be preparing a feast for two families when you’re only feeding your family of 4. No exaggeration here.

Most kids are always hungry. I’m sure you have one of your children in mind.

Napping while they’re napping is close to impossible


Sometimes being a parent having extra senses aside from the five you have. Or an unusual mutation a parent needs would be eyes on the back of our heads. Or if it was possible to nap with one eye open.

Maybe then, we can nap while keeping watch on them at the same time. Now, that’s what you call multi-tasking.

Babysitter Blues

Wiffle Gif

What we feel like when we find a sitter for date night. Or what we feel when our buddies call for a night out, and your mom is staying over to watch the kids.

Pure joy! We are dancing on our tippy toes!!

They scare us s**tless


Oh no! The baby is gnawing on a fork!

She swallowed a lego! He stuffed a toy up his nose!

Gaah! He’s sticking his finger in the wall socket!

Just some of the things that scare the life out of us.  Tom’s clip got it down to a tee. Then you get frustrated when you whip the baby away from whatever he’s sticking his fingers into, and he grins at you as if saying, “Did I give you a heart attack?”

Yup. You’ve experienced this.

Life seems to be spinning a bit too fast


They’re growing real fast. It looks like they were born yesterday and now they’re hobbling around! And then you’re dropping them off for the first day of school ever. The next thing you know you’ll be watching them in their graduation gowns.

Juggling work, house keeping, baby care, husband attention and spending equal time with your other kids is starting to feel like sitting on a spinning vinyl record.

Find breathing room. You need it, and you deserve it. 😊

Sometimes you just want to lock them up


Yes, it’s illegal. That is child abuse, my friends. But I know how you feel. There are days that we wish we could just lock them up in a room and get rid of the core.

The closest we get to this is sending them to their rooms when they misbehave or leaving them in a secure playroom.

News flash: that’s what parenting is.

You reach a point you wish you were richer


You may not feel this right now, but you’ll feel this when you receive your child’s prep school tuition fee in your mailbox.

And this will slap you in the bum if you have more than one child.

You’d be dreaming of more money in your sleep as a result of trying to figure out how to provide the best for your family. Yes, this is part of parenting.

Sleep is for the weak

Wiffle Gif

This is an understatement. Sleep is for those who have no toddlers. Hahaha.

Just kidding. Although this goes for the first couple of years with a new baby. They’re up at night when you’re supposed to be asleep, and they’re asleep all day when you can’t sleep because of adult things you need to do during the day.

If only the tape on the eyelids trick works.

It’s okay not to know everything

Wiffle Gif

Don’t be afraid to admit there are things that are unknown to you. Nothing can adequately prepare you for parenting. Experience is your best teacher.

Nobody expects you to be a know it all. In fact, parenting coaches don’t even know everything. Whatever they teach they had to learn from someone else or on their own.

It’s okay not to admit that you don’t know what to do. Every parent starts there.


I would bet my wealth (whatever wealth I have) that you were able to relate to every single Tom and Jerry clip I attached here.

Has this post inspired you to change your night time TV shows to a regular “Tom and Jerry” indulgement? You can even watch these with your kids.

Parenting is difficult. There is no such thing as natural parenting. And that’s okay. All anyone can expect from you is your best, and if you give it, you’ll reap what you sow.

Just remember, take time for yourself and breathe. Keep your mind and body healthy for your kids’ sake even if it means watching cartoons. :)

Special thanks to this classic cartoon for keeping viewers of all ages entertained and happy!

Got any clips you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!


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