10 Simple Principles to make you a Better Parent

Parenting is hard, but second guessing yourself is harder.

That’s why you need to practice 10 basic principles that will help you to see that you are doing a good job at parenting.

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1. Be Involved In Your Kid’s Life

The first principle to being a good parent is to be involved in your child’s life.

Knowing what they are up to who their friends are and what makes them happy will help you know when something is wrong with them. It will also give you an insight into the problems that they may be facing.

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2. There’s No Such Thing as Too Loving

Some people believe that if you spare the rod, you’ll spoil the child, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Knowing that you love them is one of the most important lessons that your children can learn.

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3. Everything You Do Matters

Say it with me, “everything I do matters.”

Knowing that your children are looking to you for models of good behavior and good advice is important.

Don’t let yourself get distracted with all the flashy parenting tips and tricks, know that being who you are is of immense influence on your children.

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4. Every Child is different

Each child has a different personality. What works when raising one child will not work when raising the other.

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5. Set Rules and Keep Them

The old adage that rules are meant to be broken does not apply here.

Rules need to be kept.

Your children will not respect your rules if you allow them to break them half the time. This will keep you from enforcing anything. You won’t be able to tell your children to do anything because you’ll have set up a pattern of disrespect for the rules.

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6. Allow Independence

I know that in my case, it always seemed that my kids needed me but, not letting my sons do things on their own hampered their own development.

That’s why I have had to learn when to take a step back and let them do things on their own.

I’m sure no one want to see their children fail, but if they don’t fail at the little things now, they’ll never succeed on the big ones.

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7. Consistency is Key

This goes beyond just keeping the rules.

You shouldn’t be a strict parent over the week and then let he hell loose over the weekend, just because it’s quality time with family. Stick to the rules and your kids will too!

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8. No Harsh Discipline

Learn to use discipline correctly – sometimes it’s necessary and other times it’s better to let them get away with it. If they break your favourite mug, it’s not the end of the world as long as they know they should be more careful next time.

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9. Explain Yourself

I know I heard it a lot growing up, “because I said so” was one of my parents go to reasons for doing things.

But as a parent, I try to always explain why I’m making a rule or letting them do something, it helps them to understand that I’m not just trying to keep them from doing something fun.

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10. Respect Goes Both Ways

Showing my child the same respect that I would want them to show me is a key to raising up adults that respect everyone equally.

And if you show them the same respect you want will help them to show you respect and learn empathy.

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