10 Reasons Why Men Wouldn’t Survive Pregnancy

Let’s face it, there are so many things about being pregnant that are just not cool and they can be a little unbearable.

So unbearable that it’s obvious why the job has fallen to women and not men.

There are some things about being pregnant that men just wouldn’t be able to cope with. Do you need a list? Here are just few!

1Crying…about everything…

Crying might be acceptable in situations where things are truly sad. Out with the guys and crying over a beer commercial (you know one of those with the horses and the puppy) is not something any man wants to deal with. Ever.

2Leaky Boobs

Yeah, that will definitely look suave at the office, two large wet spots appearing out of nowhere, like two tiny islands in the middle of Pacific.


They suck and what most men don’t realize is that they suck before you’re in labor so you can practice being in pain.

Some men don’t even realize it hurts before you have to push…

Men are terrified at the thought of visiting the dentist. I say give them 1 hours of contractions to know what a real pain is!

4Vomiting at the Sight of Food

Yeah this one would be a doozy for guys. Just think of any once beloved food and bam throwing up everywhere like a chunky soup volcano.

5No Beer

While not particularly hard to do, once you can’t do it, you crave it. That craving for their old favorite drink would definitely drive some men insane.

And it’s not just beer. Any alcohol. Imagine guy’s night out and he is ordering soda with a slice of fresh lemon. Yes, I know!

6Extreme Fatigue

Men need their downtime, their adequate sleep time and then their rest time if it’s been a rough day.

Are you pregnant? Forget about all of that. You can sleep every minute of the day and then open your eyes and still feel exhausted.


Pregnancy isn’t complete until the bowling ball between your legs causes you to wet your pants with the worst timing. Or make you get up 12 times a night when you’re already exhausted from growing a human being. Men already seem to pee every five minutes so add pregnancy onto that and they can start living in the bathroom.

8People Touching You

This is a big one that men would struggle with, the fact that strangers think it’s cool to touch you. Heck women have a hard time keeping their temper when someone thinks it’s their right to feel every pregnant woman’s belly. After about the 100th time it would end badly for someone if a man was pregnant.

9Swollen Legs

Swollen legs? Not a big problem for guys, they are not particularly keen on wearing skirts or dresses. But swollen ankles? That means they can’t put on their favorite pair of shoes!

10Carrying the Extra Weight

Let’s face it; carrying a bowling ball in your stomach for several months IS uncomfortable and so freaking persistent it drives you mad.

No relief during the night or day. Everything you do has to be adjusted to account for the fact that you can’t see your toes, bend down, roll over, get in or out of the car, or 100 other things you used to.