10 Reasons Why Should You Try Baby Wearing

Have you heard about baby wearing?

The chances are, if you have a small baby, you have! If you’re planning a baby or there is one on the way, here is all you need to know about the current trend for the coming years – baby wearing!

What is baby wearing?

Baby wearing means carrying your baby in a sling or other carrier for most of the day. It has been practiced for centuries by women all over the world and has amazing benefits for both the baby and mothers.

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10 Benefits of Baby Wearing

Instead of listing all the possible advantages of baby wearing, we will focus on the main benefits for mom and baby. Here they are!

Benefits for baby

1. Calmer Baby

Babies who are worn by their mother or father are generally calmer because of their primal needs being met.  The mom or dad can be seen, smelled or touched at all times and provide feeding and the motion that helps withe neural development, respiratory health and establish balance and muscle tone.

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2. Social Skills Development

Babies which are carried are developing social skills a lot faster, they can watch expressions, tone of voice, learn the language faster and get familiar with the body language of mom or dad.

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3. Decreased risk of flat head syndrome

As you know babies who spend a lot of time in pram or car seat sleeping their back have a higher risk of developing flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly). By having the baby in a carrier you are reducing this risk dramatically.


4. Less Crying

Studies have shown a link between the number of hours a baby is held and the relationship between the hours the baby spends crying and the number of hours it was being hold. Only 3 hours of baby wearing per day can reduce baby crying significantly.

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5. Easier Breastfeeding

Having a baby in a baby carrier not only makes it calmer, but also a lot easier to breastfeed. Most slings and carriers keep this in mind and were design in  way that makes breastfeeding easier and provide more privacy.

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Benefits for mom

6. Better maternal bond

During baby wearing, your oxytocin levels are increased thanks to the constant contact with the baby, which is beneficial for maternal bond.  This also lowers the chances of postpatrum depression or spychosomatic illness. Baby wearing has of course benefits for paternal bond too.

baby wearing benefits 2

7. Practicality

You can have the baby with you at all times, under your supervision while having two free hand to do whatever is needed!

baby wearing benefits 8

8. Less Pain

We all know that babies get heavier over time. Thanks to baby wearing, the baby’s weight is distributed evenly and there will be no more back or shoulder pain.

baby wearing benefits 10

9.  Helps with Attachment Parenting

Have you heard about attachment parenting?  Big Bang Theory Star Mayim Bialik is a keen supporter of this theory. According to this theory, a baby forms a strong emotional bond with the mom and dad with lifelong consequences. This supports the baby’s socio-emotional development and well being.

baby wearing benefits 9

10. Baby Wearing is Cheaper

… than buying a standard pram or buggy. Your sling or baby carrier doesn’t take up half of your card and you can literally carry it in your purse.

So, are you convinced yet?

Baby wearing is a practical solution for modern moms, that not only makes their life easier, but contributes massively for the child development and helps to promote a stronger bond between the mom and the baby.

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