10 Warning Signs You Might Be Sleep Deprived

You’re tired.

Heck we’re all tired.

But does that mean you are sleep deprived? You may be surprised that what you are just waving off as being tired from a long day can be sleep deprivation.

Okay, so maybe it’s not a big surprise that you could use more sleep! In fact right now you’re probably wishing your keyboard was a pillow.

But not getting enough sleep can be wrecking your day in more ways than one.

1. You Can’t Find your Keys, your Wallet, your Shoes, and your Sunglasses are in Fridge

Lack of sleep can make you lose your mind.

You can’t remember where you put anything.

You forgot where things go.

Your mind is on a different planet and when you were putting your sunglasses away they ended up in the fridge. Next to the snack you were supposed to take. If this is you, get some sleep.

sleep deprived mommy

2. You’re Surrounded by Assholes

If you find yourself stressed out that no one around can be relied on, that they’re not able to do your job, that everything is on you and everyone else is just plain dumb…

another sign you need to get some sleep.

Lack of sleep can make you unable to deal with stress and you might find yourself taking it out on everyone else. So instead of staying up late and watching Spaceballs, get some sleep.

screaming mommy
chill dad

3. You Eat a Supersized Lunch, with Beer Pretzels, and a Milkshake and some Cookies…

If you’re hungry enough that you debate whether that French fry that fell on the floor is really THAT dirty, it might be lack of sleep.

Not getting enough sleep causes your body to feel extra hungry especially for carbs and fatty foods.

So if you’re ordering a number 2 and a number 4 and maybe a number 6 just the sandwich with a milkshake, cancel that order and get some sleep instead.


4. There’s A Weird Dancing Elephant Following You Around

Okay so unless you’re drunk or experimenting with some not so legal things, it might not be an elephant following you around, but you might be seeing things.

A black dog following you or that the train was arriving when it wasn’t or that your co-worker looks as out of focus as Bigfoot, you might be sleep deprived.

Not getting enough sleep can cause a slew of vision problems.

screaming mom
the fix

5. The Days Without Accidents Sign Keeps Being Reset…because of you

If you are sleep deprived you are much more accident prone, and it’s just not experience talking here.

Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep are much more accident prone, especially at work.

So before you end up crashing the company car or stapling your tie to your desk, you might want to just get some more sleep at night.

sleepy baby

6. Life is Great! I Hate all of you! I’m so Alone…What a beautiful Day!

If you spend your day going from more highs and lows than a yo-yo, you might be sleep deprived and you might be driving everyone around you insane.

Mood swings are a big sign that you need to be spending more time in bed and you will be much less confusing to be around once you do.

Mood swings are not fun for anyone and they cause you to be more likely to do things just for the sake of angering those around you. So do everyone a favor and get some sleep.

sleepy mom

7. Your Scale Groans When You Step On It

If you’ve noticed that when you weight yourself in the morning, there’s a much louder creak than before?

When you don’t sleep your body increases the amount of insulin in the body which boosts fat storage. Not only are you eating more but you may also be storing more fat, so if you’ve been gaining weight then you might need to get some sleep.


8. Your Co-Workers Have Moved Their Desks to Get Away From You

If it seems like every week you are bringing a new plague into the office or you seem to catch every disease your kids come home with, you might be sleep deprived.

Your immune system depends on the body getting enough rest every night.

So you’ve been putting out donuts and cupcakes for every germ in town letting them know you’ve got the perfect place for them. So if you want to get healthy and stay healthy, get some sleep.


9. You Say “Yes” To Things You Really Shouldn’t

If you say Yes when your friend suggests going to an All-You-Can-Eat ice cream bar even though you are lactose intolerant, you might be sleep deprived.

If suddenly you want to start cliff diving, trade your minivan for a motorcycle (the kids can ride on the back right?), you’re being a little too impulsive.

Not getting enough sleep can make you impulsive and not take the time to think things through. If this is you, then you should probably get some sleep before you sign up for underwater basket weaving.


10. You’re Fighting With Your Significant Other

So he didn’t pick up his socks…again!

Or she left hair all over the sink when she brushed her hair, or no one did the dishes, it’s not reason for the awful fight that you sleeping apart.

If you find that you and your partner are fighting over things that do not matter or you think everything matters, then you might be sleep deprived.

Studies have shown that couples who do not get enough sleep are much more prone to fighting with each other.

husband wife fighting

So if you want to stop sleeping on the couch, you need to get some sleep.


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