15 Crazy Lies You Tell Your Kids Everyday

Okay so maybe we’re not outright lying to our kids in the real sense. 

Just some little white lies so that they have magic in their lives and we parents keep our fragile hold on our sanity for another day.

Take a look at the list, we guarantee you’ve said most if not all of these to your kids.

15 Crazy Lies You Tell Your Kids Everyday

1. Yep, that extra bite of food really did make your muscles bigger. I can feel it

For boys and even girls, getting picky eaters to eat revolves around promises of growing big and strong. And typically there’s a white lie or two about how just one more bite will have instant results on their muscles.

2. It’s bedtime

Isn’t it great when they can’t tell time.

3. You’re exactly right

Useful for when you may not have been completely listening or you really don’t have time to explain the laws of relativity to your toddler.

4. I have No Idea

Oh I know exactly why, but it’s not a discussion I’m starting at 10 pm.

5. I’ll think about it

I’ve already thought about it and I know the answer, but you don’t need to know the answer now.

6. Yes, they’re real. They just live far away.

It’s hard to let our kids know that their favorite cartoon characters are not real, and it’s more fun to let them believe for as long as possible.

7. They’re all gone.

I hid the rest of the cupcakes in the back of the fridge, I’m planning on eating them with a glass of wine tonight.

8. It’s for adults. You won’t like it

You will like it, but I won’t like you after you’re full of coffee.

9. They’re closed

Strange, McDonald’s seems to be closed at lunchtime a lot lately.

10. I don’t have any money

I know, not even a quarter for the gumball machine. Strange that quarter will appear when you ask for money to donate to the children’s hospital in five minutes.

11. Nope, no vegetables in it

Yep, nothing but junk. Then once you tell me you like, I’m going to tell you all the vegetables are in it. You do like vegetable kid, just admit it.

12. I’ll be right there

Yep, I’m rushing right over…on my way…just give me a second…I’m rushing over. Okay, I lied I’m not coming for like another five minutes.

13. Yep I’m Watching

Oh yeah, I’m sure this jump over the pencil will be very different from the last 20 times and my eyes are glued to you. Wouldn’t miss a moment.

14. That’s an amazing picture!

I love it. I adore it! Put it with the other four pictures of umm whatever they are. But I really do love your creativity.

15. You Win!

More like I’m really not in the mood for the crying tantrum and being a good sport lecture today, so yeah you win. Yay!

So time for a little confession! Which one of these do you use most often?


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