If you think that you want to have children, Great!

They bring so much joy to your life and make you experience things you haven’t imagined before.

On the other hand, your life doesn’t have to stop, as many people try to convince you. Even though you could still do most of the stuff, or make slight adjustments to your lifestyle, there are few things that you should do BEFORE you have kids!

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Sleep

    The obvious thing you’ll miss once you have kids. Once you have a kid be prepared to be tired the rest of your life.

  2. Get a Sports Car

    Or maybe just rent or lease one. They have no room for a car seat and not the best choice for a family, so if you want one, get it now.

  3. Go on Vacation

    Yeah again, this gets much harder once kids enter the picture.

  4. Eat Cake, Alone In Your House

    You have no idea how hard this will be once you have kids, they will always find you.

  5. Get a Pet

    If you want a dog or even a cat, or something strange like a monkey (don’t get a monkey), get the pet and get it trained and adjusted before you have a baby. Things are much harder the other way around.

  6. Have Sex

    Another thing that gets harder. Enjoy not having to sneak around or find a new relatively comfortable place to have sex before kids start taking over your bed. Having to stop every few minutes to listen to the baby is a big mood killer.

  7. Spend Time With Your Kid-less Friends

    Somehow adding a baby to the mix makes it much harder to relate or spend time with most your childfree friends. Have fun with them with everyone being carefree, because the relationship will likely change once the kids enter the mix.

  8. See a Movie

    Kids suck at movies, and nine times out of ten until they are out of the toddler phase it sucks to take a child to the movies. Not to mention it’s only cartoons that they want to see. So if you like going to the movies, get your fill of the experience now.

  9. De-clutter

    Better yet, clean out all drawers, shelves, boxes, cabinets and everywhere else of anything you don’t want strewn all over the floor. If you have anything embarrassing the kids will bring it out when the in-laws are over.

  10. Waste a little Money

    It’s so much harder to justify $300 on a three-dimensional chess once you have kids that need pesky things like food and diapers.

  11. Get a Hobby

    If you don’t have something you are good at and that you enjoy it now find one. It’s much harder to develop a love of a hobby when you only have 15 minutes every other day for it. Find it now and those 15 minutes will go further.

  12. Make Your Parents Owe You One

    Do something nice for them now and they’ll be more likely to say yes to babysit later.

  13. Go Out

    Take that list of restaurants and hip places you’ve meant to check out and do it.

  14. Take a Bubble Bath

    If you have a Jacuzzi tub, use it. Once the kids find out how many bubbles it makes, they will take it over.

  15. Do Something Stupidly Dangerous

    It’s much harder to get the courage or the desire to jump off a cliff, swim with sharks or race cars when you have kids waiting for you to come home.

How many of these did you tick off before you had a baby?