16 New Uses for Baby Powder You Never Thought of

16 new uses for baby powder

You hear baby powder and immediately think baby butt.

The primary use is to keep diaper rash away, but the modest baby powder can be used for plenty of other purposes.  If you do happen to have one at home, make sure you’re using the talc free variety.

Here are 16 more innovative ways you can use it at home and in your beauty regime!

1. Keep Away Ants

Scientists claim that ants don’t like the smell and or texture of baby powder, and will stay away from it. Cheaper and safer alternative to standard chemical ways of keeping them away. Have you tried this yourself?

Image: family handyman

2. Clear Oil Stains

If you ever sprayed oil on your clothing you know, it’s nearly impossible to get it off. Here is where baby powder comes to the rescue. You can lift any oil stains by sprinkling baby powder from both sides of the fabric, lightly rub and leave to soak. Once it’s hand washed, by the time the material dries, it should be oil stains free.

oil stains
Image: wiki how

3. Prolong Book Life

Sprinkle some baby powder on your old books to keep moisture away, get rid of molds and keep them fresh.

old books
Image: News.hugofox

4. Use as Dry Shampoo

Baby powder is perfect to use as a dry shampoo for emergencies. Sprinkle it on your comb and brush through your hair. It will remove oil and grease and make you hair feel like freshly washed.

Image: bare skin essentials

5. Plant Care

Dust your flower bulbs with baby powder before planting – it works as a natural repellent that gardeners have been using for years

Image: Inhabitat

6. Loosen up Cards

This is a very old trick – if you have older playing cards that are sticking together, sprinkle them with a bit of baby powder, and they will be a lot easier to handle.

playing cards
Image: sell lead and succeed

7. Use before Waxing

If you use baby powder before waxing, it will make the whole process a lot less painful. Baby powder will absorb moisture, which will help with the waxing process and make the wax stick better.

Image: beausynergy

8. Plump Eyelashes

Sprinkle a little bit of baby powder on your lashes before applying mascara. It will make it stick better and make your eyelashes look more full and plump.

Image: visiainfo

9. Powder

Did you know baby powder can also be used to help set your makeup? If you don’t have your standard powder handy, use baby powder instead. Don’t go overboard because your face will turn white!

Image: eat travel splurge

10. Detangle Shoe Laces

Are your shoe laces stuck? Sprinkle a baby powder and they will get looser a lot easier!

shoe laces
Image: shoelacesexpress

11. For runners

Before your next run, sprinkle some baby powder on the inner side of your thighs to prevent chafing.

Image: active

12. Smelly Shoes

Get rid of the smell in your shoes by putting a bit of baby powder in them overnight. Dump out in the morning and enjoy fresh smelling shoes.

smelly shoes
Image: wardrobe supplies

13. Detangle Jewelry

If your delicate necklace gets stuck and hard to detangle, sprinkle a little bit of baby powder, and it will help to loosen up the knot.

tangled jewelry
image: Express

14. Carpet Smell

Get rid of carpet smell by sprinkling some baby powder on the stain. Leave to sit and Hoover after that.

carpet smell
image: first choice carpet cleaners

15. Deodorant

Use baby powder instead of deodorant. It absorbs moisture while releasing a lingering smell.

image: cotonou9ja

16. Cat Litter

Sprinkle baby powder over your cat litters to keep the smell away.

cat litter
image: catster

Have you tried any of these or do you have some other secret uses of baby powder?

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