20 FREE Photo Resources for your Blog Posts

Writing an excellent blog post? Brilliant! Want to make it even more awesome? Add some cool images!

Images are proven to make a better impact and generate more interest than posts without them.

The problem is, your personal image library is very limited. Sometimes you just don’t have a photo that fits the theme.

This is when stock photos come in handy! There are many websites where you can get stock photos, in varying quality, for free or for a fee.  The photos you have to pay a fee for are frequently outstanding quality. A licence limits each photo’s use.

Usually if you see “creative commons license” that means you can use that image for your personal or business purposes, without attribution. The only limitation is that you cannot sell them or profit from them in a similar way.

Here are my favorite 20 Photo resources that I use for blog post pictures (please check the image license before using it):

  1. Magdeleine 
  2. Gratisography 
  3. New Old Stock
  4. Kaboompics
  5. Death to the Stock Photo
  6. Picjumbo 
  7. Startup Stock Photos
  8. FreeImages
  9. Stock Vault 
  10. Stock Up
  11. MMT 
  12. Camarama
  13. Pexels
  14.  Jay Mantri
  15. The Pattern Library
  16. ISO Republic 
  17. Little Visuals
  18. SkitterPhoto
  19. Negative Space
  20. DesignerPics


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