20 Warning Signs You Got Absolutely Toddlered
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1You were woken up at 5am

Where better to start this rant than the ungodly hour you were abruptly woken up this morning.

As any great mother will tell you, your kids are the reason you wake up every morning.

Really freakin’ early. Every. Single. Morning!

2Your house was turned upside down by an unrelenting Toddler Tornado

Don’t ever make the mistake of underestimating your kid’s ability to turn your house upside down like the little tornado that they are!

3You waited (and are still waiting) for your kid to clean their room

They say patience is a virtue, but eventually, you arrive at your daily realization that it just isn’t going to happen.

4It was your Laundry day… because for you that is every day that ends in “Y”

At some point during the day, this was your face.

I mean, come on. Shouldn’t laundry be a shared responsibility? Yeah, good luck with that.

If only your bank account refilled as fast as your laundry basket did, you would be filthy rich (instead, your clothes are just filthy).

5You repeated yourself a billion times

“NO” was your most used word of the day.

6You spent hours packing your diaper bag only to go up the road to the grocery store

Yes, prepping and packing all of your toddler and mama essentials into your diaper bag can be an absolute nightmare!  This is why you may wish to consider getting a medium-large sized diaper bag (without being too bulky) like the super stylish Hip Cub Weekender Tote so that you can comfortably fit everything you need while you are out and about with your kids. You want to make sure that your diaper bag has as many compartments and pockets as possible as this will help keep you organized!

7You were absurdly late because leaving your house on time is an impossibility  

Just putting on socks is a 15-minute ordeal!

8You “refereed” a WWF match between your children for absolutely no rhyme or reason

Awww! Sibling rivalry can be so adorable sometimes…. not!

9Your parenting was silently judged by strangers

Your Machiavellian munchkin managed to do something super embarrassing in public which had onlookers, as well as yourself, questioning your capability as a parent.

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10You convinced yourself that the “counting to 3” trick will actually work this time

You may have also threatened to turn the car right around to go back home or made some idle threats about revoking ice cream privileges. They were utterly ignored.

11But then you came back to the pathetic reality that nobody is listening to you anyway :(

12At some point in the day, you inevitably became a Momster!

Despite harnessing every bit of willpower to keep your promise to yourself that you were going to be the ‘super chilled mom’ type.

13When you finally got some quiet, you realized It wasn’t actually a good thing.

You know you’re a parent when you crave quiet… and then you worry when you hear it.

This is because it’s a good indication that your child is drawing on, ripping, cutting up, destroying or eating something they should not be.

14You didn’t have a single minute to yourself!


On the upside, you learned that the quickest way to get your children’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable… because god forbid mommy should have a break for a minute!

15You didn’t even come close to completing everything you needed to.

16You attempted in vain to leverage daddy’s help.

Here’re some daddies that are winning at parenting. Unfortunately today, your husband was not.

17You tried and ultimately failed to call bedtime 45 mins early.


You know all too well that bedtime is the perfect time for kids to start asking questions, need additional bathroom breaks, ask for food… and do pretty much anything they can to avoid going to bed!

18When you got to bed, romance was the last thing on your mind.

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19Because today, you were absolutely ‘Toddlered’ and had been understandably nursing a massive headache!

20And at the end of the day, it boils down to one thing

Oh well… it’s funny coz it’s true! Let’s face it. After all is said and done, being a Mom is still the greatest job in the world! Plus you can always look forward to your terrible toddler’s first day of school, right?


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