21 Weird Kids Discipline Techniques You Never Heard Off

I grew up disciplined by classic painful means and am surprised by the weird punishment parents nowadays dish out.

Some I would think might be less cruel than kneeling in a pile of salt with your arms stretched out sideways with several books balanced on them, but boy am I wrong!

They’re either crueler than women on menopause or funnier than a Jim Carrey stint.

Parents, much like their spawns, have been evolving in creativity. Not only in how they view life but how they apply their creativity in parenting.

True enough, parenting is like art. Everyone has a different opinion of it.

Needless to say, you might be as surprised and perplexed as I am when you read this list of

WEIRD Ways to Discipline Kids

1. Copycat Sister

When I was six, the child psychologist said that I needed “boundaries” and suggested that my parents punish me by making me stand on a kitchen towel in the middle of the room, kinda like standing in the corner but where I could see all the things I couldn’t participate in.

Well and good, until my two-year-old sister decided that it looked like fun. She got a towel of her own, carefully laid it out next to mine and stood next to me.

Punishments are less effective when the parents can’t help but laugh. – Sapientiam (Thought Catalog)

Weird Punishments
Image from Imgur

2. Budding Environmentalist

Once I was forced to hug every tree in the backyard because I told my mom I hated yard work. We had over 30 trees.

—Adrienne Cambria, Facebook (Buzzfeed)

Image: meltwater.com
Image: meltwater.com

Editor’s Notes: Laughed my butt off reading this. Seriously, where do parents come with these weird punishments?

3. Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Not me, but my younger cousin.

I was visiting them in Taiwan one summer, and he was horsing around, being a normal hyperactive 8ish-year-old despite my uncle (his father) telling him to calm down.

He then happens to knock a container of colorful beads over, spilling them all over the floor.

Instead of scolding him, my uncle lightly reprimanded my cousin, and, with the faintest hint of a smile, made him pick each bead up, apologize to it individually, and replace it in the bin. – shamHu (Thought Catalog)

Weird Punishments

4. Washboard Abs Result

“My father was against hitting children, but he most certainly was not against unusual punishments. Whenever we got out of line, he made us do planks — no slouching allowed — to his old Queen CD.”

katrinaa49 (Buzzfeed)

5. Get out of the house…

Weird Punishment

I was an absolute book worm when I was a kid. Being sent to my room did nothing as I’d spend most of my day curled up in there reading anyway.

So, my parents used to padlock my bookshelf and force me to go outside for punishment. – honorarykiwi (Thought Catalog)

Editor’s Notes: This isn’t only on my list of weird ways to discipline but also an utterly confusing setup. Make up your mind parents! Do you want me to go out or not?


I used to be a store manager for Blockbuster.

One day this mother and son were checking out, and the kid raised all kinds of hell. “I WANT A CANDY BAR. WAH WAH” The mother keeps saying “No, I already told you no.” Then this kid thinks he has a fool proof plan.

The kid open a Snickers bar right there and takes a bite. He then says “now you have to buy it.” The mother is shocked and says “You’re right.” Turns to me and says, “We’ll have the candy bar also.” I scan the candy bar, and she says “Now, throw it away please.”

The look on the kid’s face was priceless. The way she trolled that kid was amazing. –danheinz (Thought Catalog)

7. I love you, Fruitcake

“My parents made us eat fruitcake because they kept some frozen all year. If we were especially bad, they would thaw some and make us eat it.

My dad always said fruitcake was gross, so it was a disgusting punishment.”

Iinz (Buzzfeed)

8. Privacy is a privilege, Anna…

“I was notorious for ‘cleaning my room’ by shoving things under the bed… so, I lost my bed frame and had nothing to shove anything under.

I started just keeping my door closed so my parents couldn’t see the mess, so then my dad took my door off the hinges.”

s474 (Buzzfeed)

Weird Punishment

Editor’s Notes: This is going not only on my list of weird punishments but my list of hilarious punishments as well! I will so totally apply this once I have teenagers! 

9. Stay in school

I got caught skipping school when I was 14. My Dad told me that he was taking me out of school the next week.

Every day that week he would drop me off at a local business (he knew all of these people) and told them “Here’s your free helper! He doesn’t want to go to school, so he gets to work!” They would work me, doing the worst shit ever, for eight hard hours every day.

One week of that and I was begging to go back to school. – irishamerican (Thought Catalog)

10. Picky eater

When I was 13, I became a picky eater.

I picked out things I didn’t like from my plate and set them aside. My mom called me out on this a million times and threatened that one day; I wouldn’t have any choice but to eat what I was given. I challenged her.

One morning in summer, there was a weird colored smoothie on the counter with a note that says, “Here’s your breakfast.” It turns out, my mom blended my food together for the entire week.

By the start of next week, I was so relieved to see actual food on my plate and didn’t dare pick it ever again. – Anonymous

Weird Punishments

11. Bad TV Show

When we were young, my older sister was so addicted to anime and would sneak behind my mom’s back to watching.

She got caught and my mom cut the TV plug. My sister being an evil genius, learned how to reconnect the wires and cut it again before mom got home from work. Mom caught her by touching the TV and feeling the static.

My mom called my sister the following day saying she can watch her favorite program. She turned on the TV to find out mom canceled the cable TV subscription. All we had was a blank blue screen. -Anonymous

12. A Hot Mess

“My brother used to cook spaghetti every Tuesday, and every time I annoyed him (which was all the time), he would add a sprinkle of chili to the sauce.

Most weeks, the spaghetti was too hot to eat.”

1988 (Buzzfeed)

Weird Punishments

13. Booger Cells

Picked my nose as a kid.

Mom told me that my snot was my brain cells, and that I was slowly destroying my brain. Terrified. – KirbStompKillah (Thought Catalog)

Weird Punishments

14. In the cat’s shoes

“One time when I was in the 3rd grade, I fed my cat ice cream.

My parents found out and made me eat cat food so I ‘knew how it felt.’”

meganannvank (Buzzfeed)

15. Harry Potter Trauma

“Whenever I misbehaved, my mom would make me eat the rotten cheese flavored jelly bean from the Harry Potter style=”font-weight: 400;”> Bertie Botts jelly bean boxes. It was so gross!”

sophiah43 (Buzzfeed)

Editor’s Notes: Now, as a big fan of HP, this wouldn’t be on my weird punishments list because how cool would it be to have a constant stock of those jelly bean boxes? Then again, I’m speaking for myself. 

16. Hungover…never again

Short and Sweet: First major hangover, Dad woke me up at 7 and made me go sailing, that brilliant prick. – Jwilliams2814 (Thought Catalog)

Weird Punishments

17. Grandpa’s Teeth

When I was about 11, I wanted to do a good deed for my grandpa.

I decided to organize his lavatory. I found his teeth floating in a glass of water with ants crawling all over it. I dumped the liquid contents down the drain and threw away his teeth.

After a few hours, my grandpa was furious and told me to dig through the garbage until I found his teeth. I forgot I didn’t throw it in the garbage but chucked it under his cabinet.

We found it after two days, and my grandpa put me on teeth cleaning duty for the entire month. – Abby Foss

18. Welcome to Sears

When I was about nine years old, I barged in front of my mom as we walked into Sears.

She made me stand outside and open the door for everybody that came in…for the next 5 hours. I never walked into a doorway before a lady again. It was a very effective punishment. –bigtom726 (Reddit)

Weird Punishments

Editor’s Notes: This probably on the bottom of my list of weird punishments but I just like how creative this mom was for teaching her son a lesson about being a gentleman. 

19. Do them dishes

When I didn’t do the dishes, my parents would put them in my pillow cases when I wasn’t paying attention.

When I went to lay down? Bam, dirty dishes. Extremely useful. – Deleted Reddit User

20. Gold Digger

My dad made me dig a hole in our yard, then fill it in with dirt, then replant grass.

I made fun of a landscaping truck, saying that it wasn’t a real job and that landowners should take on that responsibility. I was probably 10 – 12.

Clever bastard. – Carvinrawks (Reddit)

Weird Punishments

21. Troll Dad

When I was a kid, my sister got detention for shooting rubber bands at kids in the lunch room. When the Principal called my mom, she instinctively asked “Well did she hit anybody?”, To which the principal quickly replied that it was not relevant.

Later on that night, however, my dad set up a target in the kitchen, in the fridge, and my sister’s punishment was that she had to spend an hour a night shooting rubber bands at that target.

He explained to her that if she was going to get in trouble for something, she better at least be good at it. – wish_you_were_here  (Thought Catalog)

What did you think about how these parents discipline their kids? Yay? Nay?

To be honest, I’ve had my fair share of weird punishments looking back. I even shared one of them here.

I’ve been spanked, fed chili peppers and knelt on the salt until my knees bled but some of them are just things I laugh about now. Ahh, memories.

Parents, you can be creative.

It may seem like a weird way to discipline but as long as your point is driven through and the kids learn from it then by all means!

Of course, within the boundaries of the law. 😉

Experienced any odd discipline techniques when you were a kid? Share them on the comment box below!

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