5 Reasons Why Mother and Son Dates Makes a Big Difference

Mother and son dates are precious moments you rarely get.

It rides a lot on how your son is raised, how your husband sets an example and what he sees between you and your spouse.

I don’t if you’ve read about the 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun and her son, Lyle.

I was so inspired by their story that I have etched it in the back of my mind to teach my son the proper way of treating a lady.

Because of that, I was also reminded of a close and dear friend of mine who would be, in my book, every girl’s dream guy, and it was all because of what his mom taught him and what he sees his dad do for his mom constantly.

Mother and son dates are the perfect moments where you don’t have to be the parent but instead, and equal with lots of wisdom to share.

That being said, I’ve come up with legit and valuable reasons why:

1.You’re teaching him to be a gentleman

mother and son dates
The Chivalrous Mind

That’s the main reason ‘16 and Pregnant’ star, Nikkole, takes her son out for dates. He opens the door and pulls out the chair for her. Teach your child to do the same for you or his sisters.

Those are the most essential acts of being a gentleman. It’s never too early to teach them. It would be easier to teach them now than try to drill it in when they’re bigger. 

Mother and son dates prepare your son to act well mannered in front of a woman whether it’s a friendly dinner or an actual date.

2.You’re teaching him table etiquette

The Brunette Diaries

Most men learn table manners in their prime years already when they are on the dating market. Seldom do you see teenage boys have etiquette not unless they’ve been taught at home or see their dad have it?

I’ve seen men drip sauce on their beard and lick it off instead of using a napkin. I’ve seen boys stuff their faces and talk while their mouth is full. And I’ve shared a meal with boys who make me feel that I’m eating with a goat. Absolute and major turnoff! 

A mother and son date will give you ground on inserting dos and don’t to your son. He may not remember them right off the bat, but if you have regular dates, he’d be a master by the time he asks his first girl out on a proper date.

3.You’re teaching him respect

mother and son dates

You’re not only teaching him to respect you and women but to respect every human being. During your dates, he will interact with different people.

For instance, he’ll learn how to appreciate the hard job a waitress has during one of your dinner dates or giving up a seat on the bus for an elderly or even something as simple as picking up a piece of paper lying on the ground so that the cleaning people don’t have to.

Mother and son dates will teach him to respect what people do to serve other people and in turn, people will also have respect for him regardless of his age.

4.You’re teaching him the value for money

mother and son dates
Ria Money Transfer

Nikkole Paulun said in her Facebook post that her son Lyle is not only learning addition while on their dates, but he’s learning a lesson in the value of money.

Lyle does chores around the house rewarded by money which he saves up to pay for his weekly dates with his mom.

Now, some people might think it’s not right to have your son pay for your date.

Why would it be wrong? You’d be teaching your kid what most kids do not understand and that it takes hard work to earn money. You’re not only teaching them excellent work ethics, but you’re making them appreciate how hard you work to provide for them as well.

In other words, you’re teaching them to be thankful which consequently leads to them respecting how hard other people work to provide for their families.

There’s a big difference between giving them money and teaching them how to save and having them work for their money and keeping it. Once they break the piggy bank, it would feel like such an accomplishment knowing that they worked hard for it.

5.You’re teaching him what a real man is

mother and son dates
Thought Catalog

Many boys, just like many girls, have a misconception of what a real man is. It is now the status quo that a real man is supposed to be able to give his woman everything she wants, do everything she wants and be good at everything. Of course, he should be drop dead gorgeous of a hunk.

A few understand what a real man is, and many only understand once they’ve been with a real man.

Mother and son dates will instill in your son characteristics that not all men have.

Respect, chivalry, value for money and a genuine heart is what makes a real man. It is not the way he looks in a mirror, or the size of his bank account or the things that he’s good at that makes him a real man.

Your son taking you out on dates and paying for it will result in doing things for people out love and the goodness of his heart. It will result in doing it because he knows it makes you happy.

Realizing these will make him understand to be different or set apart from the norm.

And that’s what makes a real man

Writing about this constantly reminds me of that friend I was telling you about.

He still takes his mom out for dates, and I’ve seen how different he is from other men.

I’ve seen him open doors for me, put himself in front of oncoming traffic when we cross the street and take heavy bags from me. Too bad he’s in a relationship! 😭

Just kidding. Although I’m not surprised, he’s taken.

Seriously, though, mother and son dates are an absolute joy, and you haven’t tried it, you should.

You may not see the change right away, but it will make a big difference in his life growing up.

People will soon be asking why your son is so different from their whiny, snotty little brats, and you’ll be beating your chest with pride.

We’d love to hear about your mother and son dates even if it’s your first! Leave a comment below!


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