5 Things You Should Never Discuss With Your In-Laws

Dealing with the in-laws can always be a touchy situation. 

A wrong topic can create one of those lasting feuds that you’ll have to explain to the grandkids years later.

If you don’t want to turn the holidays into long periods of awkward silence, then these topics are probably best to avoid.


1. Politics

Okay, this is true if you have different political views from your in-laws. If even one person in the family has a different perspective on any political topic, just don’t even bring it up. You don’t want to be the person that started a huge debate that takes over the entire dinner conversation and just leaves everyone feeling frustrated.

There are better things to discuss than politics in the end.

2. Bad Habits of Your SO

Tell them that your significant other is a slob and doesn’t do anything to take care of the kids. That would translate that it looks like your in-laws did a lousy job as parents.

These things are best to discuss in private without the watchful eye of your mother in law.

3. What to Inherit

Nothing builds the warm fuzzy feelings like telling someone you can’t wait for them to die so that you can pilfer their furniture and car.

Even if they are the one to bring up the subject, just steer clear of going into details of why you think you are entitled to their priced antiques.

4. Family Disagreements

Your sister in law won’t return your brand new casserole. Your brother in law promised to fix your garden fence, but you haven’t heard from him for weeks. The last people you should be complaining is their parents.

They will likely take the side of their child, and all you did was expand the size of the disagreement and put more people on you. Not to mention it is a little childish to “tell mom on them.”

5. Who the Kids Like Better

This is the most taboo of all. You don’t want to go around saying that the kids like your parents are so much better and that they see your parents all the time.

Competition between grandparents will only lead to bad feelings and benefits no-one.

There is plenty more you shouldn’t discuss with your in-laws. The best to keep peace in the family is to accept them for who they are and stop comparing them to your parents.

OVER TO YOU – do you have some red zone topics in your family? How do you deal with tricky situations? Leave a comment below!

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