5 ways a baby will change your house forever

Having your first baby is a blessing as well as a disaster.

The entire home dynamic changes once the baby is born. You are so excited for nine months thinking everything is going to be perfect and that your child will be one in a million who sleeps every night and never cries.

But reality hits once the baby comes home, and you realize you were delusional, probably from having “baby brain” for the last few months.

Here are the 5 things that inevitably change once this perfect angel comes home.

1. A new boss

This baby now decides your schedule.

It isn’t about when you’re tired or hungry anymore; it’s all about him and whether or not he’s tired or hungry. You are no longer able to have choices.

He is going to decide if you can take a shower if you may go to the bathroom if you may goof around and cook dinner. He is your new boss; he owns your entire world.

baby boss

2. Quiet and loud

Your boss will determine whether your house is loud or quiet.

If it is Prince Charming’s time to sleep, well you must be quiet. Everything must be silent. We are talking not even a small vibrate from your phone. All hell will break loose, and you will wish you didn’t even have a phone or have to breathe for that matter.

On the other hand, when it’s time to play, only according to what works best for him of course, you better be loud. You need to learn how to become the best entertainment committee in town. We are talking loud toys, TV shows, and perfecting train and airplane sounds.

Either way, you must know when to be loud and when to be quiet, and never forget, it’s all about when baby decides it’s the right time, and you must figure that out on your own.

baby screaming

3. Happiness

Is on a whole other level.

While your life has changed since having your little sweetheart, you never knew how happy you could be with you the day you became a mommy. You now have someone who depends completely on you and thinks the world of you.

While it is tough to get through the long nights and three days in between shower weeks, it becomes all worth it when you realize your beautiful baby has a smile on his face and is healthy. You also understand that you are fascinated by things that you didn’t know existed or thought were disgusting before, like when the baby boy finally goes after a 4-day poopy strike.

Woohoo! Now that is happiness!

happy baby

4. The mess

It will never end.

When getting ready for baby to come, the nursery is all set up perfectly, the house is spotless thanks to nesting, and you tried to perfect everything so that he can begin his little life seamlessly.

It all comes to a screeching halt seven days later. You realize you are too exhausted to care anymore, and the house will never be clean again so why even bother cleaning anymore? It is half full of peed on and spit up on blankets and onesies, and the other half is full of the baby gear and furniture you realize was a waste of money. There will come a time in every new mommy’s life where she must choose between sleep, a shower, or cleaning. Sleep always wins.

baby mess

5. The safety precautions

Cabinets, doors, stairs, table corners, small things left on the floor —these are all going to be on your mind. They will all be a part of your life.

You must have everything latched together, doors and stairs blocked off and completely locked down, corners are now covered with foam or plastic round shaped apparatuses, and any small thing left on the floor is a no-no—I am talking any microscopic thing. You learn to get creative with the safety over time.

If you don’t have a gate that fits completely over the wall, you find a laundry basket instead—this will work for a while. Again, the messy house no longer bothers you, so a basket as a safety gate fits well with the new decor. It works.

baby safety

After that first week, you realize you weren’t one of the lucky mamas who got the night-sleeper- never-crier.

But that’s ok in your world because although you need a shower and maybe a nap, you wouldn’t trade mommy-hood for anything, not even a maid.

…I know you wouldn’t.

Featured image: www.telegraph.co.uk
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