6 Hilarious Mommy Blogs

Being a mom is exhausting.

We all need a break to keep our sanity.  If you’re like me, and instead of depressive news, you like reading blogs – you will love my picks here!  Follow these 6 hilarious mommy blogs for your daily dose of giggles!

Follow these 6 hilarious mommy blogs for your daily dose of giggles!

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1. Scary Mommy

The pioneers in funny mommy blogging, with a unique tone and no-bullshit attitude! Love them!

Plus points – not crowded with zillions of ads and banners, clean and nice layout and design.


2. Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

This blog  makes you laugh even if you’re in a really bad mood. Funny everyday moments relived with a twisted sense of humor that will leave you chuckling long after you’ve stopped reading!


3. Robin’s Chicks

Written by a bestselling author Robin O’Bryant, this blog features a helpful parenting advice served up in a humorous tone and sprinkled with few recipes for busy moms and funny videos.

Bonus points – having a mommy blog doesn’t mean people want to see pictures of your kids from 150 different angels.


4. Crappy Pictures

Now, while you might be embarrassed about your artistic skills, Amber took her “crappy ” illustrations to the next level and even released a book! Her illustrations are quite frankly hilarious, take a peek!

crappy pictures

5. Frugalista 

Confessions of middle aged drama queen, you would love her “I just want to pee alone” book and her writing style! Thumbs up from us!




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