7 Life Hacks that Will Make You a Better Mom

Did you have a “why didn’t I think of that” moment?

If not, you’re guaranteed to have one when you see one of these life hacks!

Get your notepads out and take these hacks into practice. Watching over your hyper toddlers will be a breeze in no time.

Soon, your friends will be so curious how you manage to do it all and you can share the tricks you have hidden up your sleeves.

Check out these hacks!

1. No Mess Playtime

Place your kids with their toys into inflatable mini pool indoors, once they are finished playing just leave the toys there or scoop them quickly into one bag.


Image: popsugar.com

2. Easy way to serve medicine

Dip a lolly into your baby’s medicine, guaranteed it will go down easier than trying to serve it with a spoon!

Then there is also the suction kind to administer medicine.

But lollipops dipped in the yucky medicine is pure genius! A treat and a reward in one!

image: popsugar.com
Image: popsugar.com

3. DIY Teething remedy

Teething can cause a lot of pain to small babies, and the best solution you can use is to apply something cold. Why not combine that with some delicious and healthy snacks that will keep them full too. If you’re still breastfeeding, you can freeze some of your milk in an ice cube mold and pop them into a small cloth for your baby to suck on.  Check out some

Another way is to smear some baby food onto a small piece of cloth, freeze it and your teething baby can suck on it. Check out some

Check out some baby popsickle recipes here.

image: popsugar.com
Image: popsugar.com

4. First Aid for Cough

Coughing can keep your child up all night; that means no sleep for you too! This DIY remedy that surprisingly works very well. Apply some VapoRub on the feet and cover with thick wool socks. The rub will soothe your child and the wool socks will keep the coolness of the rub contained inside.

I’ve tried this myself and it works!

image: popsugar.com
image: popsugar.com

5. Track your Baby’s Medicine Dosage

An easy way to keep track of your baby’s medicine dosage is to write it down directly on the bottle (alternatively use a white sticker and place on the pill bottle).

image: popsugar.com
Image: popsugar.com

6. Road Trip Entertainment in Shoe Organizer

Keeping kids entertained during a long journey is a lot easier when they have a lot of toys and books at hand. Just use your shoe organizer and attach it to the back of the seat. Problem solved!

You can also insert emergency materials like diapers, wet wipes and extra clothes just in case you have a poopy mess in the back seat.Problem solved!

Problem solved!

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7.  Keep Bugs out of Juice

Use cupcakes holder to keep the bugs away by placing the on the straw, also, an excellent way to mark the drinks if you have multicolored cupcake holders.

Not only that, they’re cute too! It adds character to your party cups on special occasions!

image: popsugar.com
Image: popsugar.com
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Cool, right? I know!

Try these hacks and be well on your way to becoming the supermom you’re meant to be!

I’ve tried some of these hacks and they work wonders! It should be shared. So share this with new moms you know!

Got any supermom life hacks you’d like to share? Comment below!