7 Original Ways to Document Pregnancy

Are you pregnant?? Congratulations!! 

You’re probably wondering what would be the best way to keep some memories from this beautiful adventure.

You’ve probably already checked Pinterest and are overwhelmed with the options and same-old looking pregnancy progress photos.

If you want something a bit more original, we have rounded up seven unique and creative ways to document pregnancy!

Which one is your favourite?

1. Photo Journal

If you want to keep more than pictures, having a pregnancy journal is a great way to record your thoughts, wishes and worries you had during pregnancy.

Take photos of your baby shower, gifts you got, preparation of the nursery and your other pregnancy highlights (including documenting your cravings of course!).

Shutterfly has a handy template where you can just upload your photos, add text, order, and a beautiful book style journal will arrive at your home in few days!

It is a more personal way to document pregnancy, perfect for those who don’t want to spam their friends on Facebook with constant pregnancy updates.

As seen in BurlapAndBabies.com.


2. Fruit of the Womb

Instead of taking pictures of your expanding belly, you can track the size of your baby as it grows!

It works great especially for the first two trimesters and might get a bit difficult to execute in the last trimester. If you’re a mommy blogger, you can turn this creative way to document pregnancy into a beautiful series, just as we saw on JoyEverAfter.com!


3. Belly & Baby

A combination of both above; you’re documenting your growing baby and your belly at the same time.

It needs some artistic skills to pull it off (hire a photographer or ask for help from a friend with good photoshop skills), and the matching colours are a key to making it look good!

Great idea for all mommy bloggers too! You can turn it into pretty severe featuring images around the same colour theme! A must try for photographers who want to document pregnancy!

Idea from BeccaRillo.com


4. Pregnancy Diary

If you prefer something a bit more personal, a pregnancy diary might be the right thing for you. Many of us simply don’t have time to take photos at regular intervals, and prefer to record their thoughts as and when they feel like it!

An easy yet a potentially poetic way to document pregnancy.

Here is the round of the best 10 Pregnancy Diaries, see below post for links:



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5. Pregnancy Milestones

You’ve probably seen something similar to baby’s first year, documenting the first milestones by taking a photo of the child with the card next to it.

Have these cards handy and watch out for the right moment to make sure you don’t miss it! (putting reminders in your diary to take a photo at the big milestones (e.g. 10, 20 weeks, etc) helps!)

Sending out milestone cards to document pregnancy will not only keep you excited but keep the people who you want to be part of your babies life equally excited as well.


6.  Chalkboard Updates

A combination of a little journal and belly growth. Take a bit of time to pull this off if you want to record every week, but you can always opt for the shorter version and do monthly updates instead.

If you’re more into photo taking as a means to document pregnancy, then by all means! Go to your nearest professional studio and book a package!

Idea from twoohtwoseven.com


7. Involve a sibling or a partner

Big brother or sister is as excited about the new arrival as you are! Why not get him or your partner involved and be part of your pregnancy journey!

This is such a cute and intimate way to document pregnancy.

Inspiration from Babble.com











You pregnancy journey is an exciting part of your individual life and also your life as partners.

Exciting but can be scary if it will be your first time as a parent. If you’re an old hand a parenting, you get excited because you get to do it all over again.

Every pregnancy is different from the last or the next. So can your way to document pregnancy.

Let your creative juices flow through as you think about these suggestions. But, feel free to tweak it up a bit! Find the best way for you to remember all these precious memories. It will be fun telling your child about them one day!

Do you have any creative ideas to document pregnancy? Want to share them? Simply leave a comment below!