9 Cool Kitchen Tools

I admit. The kitchen is my favorite room in the house. 

Cool kitchen tools make my time there even more enjoyable.

I think my curves can explain that better than my words could.

If you spend as much time in the kitchen as I do, then add some of these little tools to your collection and they will make you smile every time you cook.

These are some of coolest kitchen tools I’ve encountered so far and I’m ecstatic!
cool kitchen tools

All of these little friends need a bit more detailed introduction:

1. Knotted Branch Bar Tools

cool kitchen tools

I honestly love the intricate carving of this piece. It gives me a Harry Potter feel or looks like something Snow White would have in the kitchen of her cabin in the middle of the forest. A cool and artistic piece of kitchen tools indeed.

2. Langholm Carving Set

cool kitchen tools
sold our, similar here

Take me into the time of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I am totally imagining Mr. Darcy in my kitchen, ready to carve a pot roast. Nothing can get more appetizing than that!

3. Squirrel Nut Cracker

cool kitchen tools

Can I not pay hands on this shiny and one of the coolest kitchen tools? It’s too shiny and I’m afraid my greasy grimy fingers would leave prints all over it!

Then again, I don’t purchase kitchen tools I don’t intend to use. Let’s get the nuts crackin’!

4. Whale-Tail Measuring Cups

cool kitchen tools

These cool kitchen tools are just adorbs! I wouldn’t mind working with these every time a have a back to back bake sesh!

It’s refreshing to look at!

5. Brushed Wire Storage Basket

Anthropologie.com Anthropologie

Perfect for your fruits or vegetables. This will add to your kitchen’s modern urban feel.

The best thing about it? People will think you made it yourself because of it’s intentional dents and bents!

6. Ceramics Cast Trunk Cake Stand

Anthropologie.com sold out, similar here

Talk about not having to decorate your cake display anymore! This tree stump cake stand has just the right rustic feel to make it one of the cool kitchen tools you’ll have in your kitchen!

7. Baker’s Dozen Spoon Set

Anthropologie.com similar here

Every baker’s must have. You can never have too much wooden spoons or spatulas! This package isn’t really a pack of 12 though. There are actually 13 spoons inside but the word DOZEN on a product title sounds cool!

8. Palace Trellis Glass

cool kitchen tools

This looks more like a piece you would find in the palace of the Sheik of Abu Dhabi instead of a one you would find in a common household. The colors and the intricacy of the gold patterns scream royalty.

One of the coolest kitchen tools, if not most elegant, in my book!

9. Folk Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers

Anthropologie.com similar here

There’s something about an owl that makes it creepy yet mesmerizing to look at. I love decorating my place and though I’m not a fan of the fowl species, I still have a few owl pieces around my home and even in my accessories.

I can’t pinpoint what makes it cool and hip but an owl piece is one of the best in your cool kitchen tools collection.

There are tons of cool kitchen tools you can find and buy online.

Knowing your style, what you want and what is your need for it are just a few things you need to keep in mind when looking for pieces for your kitchen.

Scour the internet. Visit every possible website. Go to thrift stores if you must.

If you love the kitchen as much as an aspiring chef does, then the search is worth it!


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