Practicing Affirmations? Get These Cute FREE Affirmation Cards

Are you looking for a cute deck of printable affirmation cards?

You came to the right place!

Our team has designed this boho inspired deck of 48 original affirmation cards, that will help you get the most out of your affirmations practice. Whether you’re just starting our or just wanted to upgrade your daily sessions, these cards are exactly what you’ve been looking for!

The best of all?

You don’t have to spend $$$ to get them!

Our affirmation cards are available as a free printable, which you can download to your computer and print at home as many times as you would like.

Are you ready to get your set?

printable affirmation cards

Your FREE Affirmation Cards

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Affirmation Cards: What’s Included?

Our affirmation cards have been designed to give you the most flexibility possible – we have included a set with 48 affirmations to choose from, and also a blank template where you can write your own personal affirmations.

Both of these options are available on our free printable, which is delivered to you by email as a PDF file.

Check down below for details on both of these options.

Printed Message Affirmation Cards

There are 48 hand-crafted positive affirmations for women, distributed across custom-designed card format with a pretty boho motive.

You can print them all, cut them out and then choose the ones that resonate the most with you for your affirmations practice.

The cards are designed as one side print in US Letter size paper, but can be also resized to smaller formats. To enjoy them for longer, you can laminate them for a nice smooth finish.

There are distributed across 6 PDF documents with 8 cards each.

affirmation cards

Blank Affirmation Cards to Fill in

Fancy making your own affirmation cards? In that case you will love this addition to the set!

We have included a PDF with blank cards that you can fill in yourself and fully customize your affirmation cards.

If you need to print more than the 8 included on the free set, just print multiple copies of this page from our document.

affirmation cards

Affirmation Cards: How to Use Them

To use your affirmation cards, you first need to print them on good-quality paper. Best if you use thicker paper so the cards will be more durable and feel nicer in your hand.

The PDF document is in US Letter Size, but you can resize them to smaller formats if you prefer – just check the settings in your printer.

There is no obligation or need to use all 48 cards – the idea is to print them all and then choose the ones that resonate the best with you and feel the most personal to you. For how-to tips on practicing affirmations, check out the paragraph below.

If you would like your cards to stay in good shape, you can laminate the cards to make them more durable. They also feel more like cards once they have that nice smooth finish.

If you prefer writing your own affirmations, print out a few sheets of our blank template to do that.

License Terms & Conditions

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