Are YOU raising a Spoiled Brat? Here are Signs to Watch out for!


Spoiled brats are the worst kinds of kids to deal with. They’re loud, proud and can bring out the worst in you. Of course, no parent would want to admit to themselves, let alone publicly, that their child is becoming or already a spoiled brat. It’s one of the things we need to swallow before it dawns on us and it would be too late to correct and break.

As parents, we desire to give the very best to our kids whether it be emotional support, provision or material gifts. But, do we realize that trying to give them the best of everything without teaching them gratitude, hard work and empathy is turning them into demanding spoiled brats?

It’s not the child’s fault. It is our responsibility to raise them and we must teach them the difference between want and need. In case you still need convincing, here are 10 signs your child is becoming a spoiled brat.

1. Attitude

spoiled brat

Attitude, in psychology, is an expression of favor or disfavor towards a person or object. You will notice this right away especially if you see your kids among other kids. Attitude will show when they don’t get thing their way.

They will pout, yell and scream just to get their way.

No parent is blind to this. It’s either you see it and don’t what to do about it or you just turn a blind eye.

Cut this from the roots as soon as you can. You and your child will be the ones to suffer. Society just won’t simply put up with it.

2. Tantrums

spoiled brat

Tantrums are the fruits of attitude. You child shows negative attitude when he doesn’t get his way and therefore throws a fit to see how far you can hold out. A tantrum is an indirect challenge to your authority.

News flash, a tantrum once in a blue moon is expected from a child but if your child throws a fit every single time you say no, then you have been tolerating and giving in to what he wants.

That’s how children work. They’ll see if it works the first time, test it out a couple more times and if they get the same reaction from you (giving in) then they are convinced to do just the same every time you try to put up a fight. In their minds, they know they’ll win if they scream and roll around the floor.

3. Lack of Respect

spoiled brat
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A spoiled brat will challenge your authority. They do not have respect for you so it is immediate that they will counter your authority to see if they can get away with it. If you give them the chance to do so, they will use it as a trump card.

How do you handle this? Do not respond to their lack of respect with anger. Let them know you acknowledge what they feel but disrespecting others is something you will not tolerate.

4. Ungratefulness

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When your child is ungrateful, it simply means he is never satisfied. If he’s never satisfied, he always wants more. Even if you give in to what he wants, a spoiled brat won’t be grateful because, in his mind, you gave in because he didn’t give you any other choice.

Teach them what a reward is. Reward them for doing something good not when they throw a fit. Reward what needs to be rewarded and punish what needs to be punished.

5. Enviousness

spoiled brat
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This is directly tied to ungratefulness. Your child becomes full of envy upon seeing another kid with something that he doesn’t have or something that he DOES have but better.

Children fight over these things. This is also what makes the school hallways like a battle field instead of a place of learning. They always want something others don’t have or better.

How do you tackle this? Sit your child down as early as possible and explain to him what it means to have much and what it means to have none. If he understands at an early age what it looks like for kids who have none, he will feel blessed and contented with what he has. Thus, being grateful altogether.

6. Whining

spoiled brat

Whining can be confused as trying to act cute. But, if you let it win you over, it can be a weapon you wouldn’t know how to counter.

Children who whine are automatically labeled as a spoiled brat. Why? Because children only whine when they want something, but you won’t give it. A spoiled brat will always want his way, not anybody else’s.

Prevent whining by exercising the reward system appropriately. Make them understand if they behave the whole day, you reward them. Help them understand that good behavior begets something good as well. Pretty soon, it will be an innate behavior.

7. Bribing, begging, negotiating

spoiled brat

If you have to bribe, negotiate with and beg your child to do something for you, then clearly, you have a spoiled brat.

How do you handle this?

Prevention is better than cure. Even before this behavior starts to show, teach your kids you do things for them not because it’s your job but because you love them. Teach them that you do things for other people because of how much you love them and not because you’re expecting a favor in return.

They may not understand it completely but make sure every time they do something for you, thank them with love. It makes them feel good and will continue to do good.

In case you’re at the curing stage, be a little more firm. Omit things they usually expect you to do for them – like maybe washing their favorite blanket or making their usual snack. They will ask you why you didn’t do them and you just tell them that you’re not getting anything in return from them by doing what they want you to do so why should you?

It will be quite a process but they will soon understand giving without anything in return.

Was your kid in your mind the whole time you were reading this?

If yes, then maybe it’s time for you to be a lot less lenient and a little bit more firm with your authority. Leniency is different from neglect. You exercise leniency because you have the authority to do so. You neglect the moment you care a little less and say, “I’ll make sure he doesn’t do that next time. I’ll let it slide for now.”

Remember, one bad fruit in a basket of fruits will soon turn all the fruits bad. For every bad act you let slip, another is affected.

Never procrastinate when it comes to disciplining your children. Act right away and appropriately. Even if only one sign out of this list is manifesting, nip it from the roots immediately. Don’t let it fester and grow.

They’ll thank you one day for it! :)

Got any tips on handling a spoiled brat? Share them in a comment below!


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