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There are so many baby products to choose from when you start shopping in preparation for your new baby. Figuring out which sheets, stroller, bottles, and other thingy-ma-jigs would be best for your baby is as difficult as a woman deciding what to wear.

Comparing the prices and contemplating whether to save or splurge is just as difficult.

How do you know which baby products are worth splurging on? Which ones are a must to buy? Are they necessary? How often will they be used?

Your mind is probably mulling over thoughts like that over the course of your pregnancy. On the other hand, think about your girlfriends who are moms. Ask them what they bought or which baby products they found most useful. Well, we’re here to help!

Top Baby Products from Amazon that will actually make your life easier

baby products

1Baby Shusher


According to Dr. Harvey Karp in the “Happiest Baby on the Block” book, shushing your baby when he’s crying brings a soothing and calming presence in contrast to their aggravated vibe. But, it would be tiring to shush your baby to sleep all the time. The Baby Shusher is a machine that does exactly just that – shush your baby to a calm state to the point he falls asleep.

baby products

The Baby Shusher is a machine that does exactly just that – shush your baby to a calm state to the point he falls asleep. By emitting rhythmic shushing, the crying spell is broken and both baby and parent are left happy.

24Moms Infant Tub


Probably the coolest baby bath tub I have seen so far. It has temperature sensors, so you know how warm the water is. The sides also drain the dirty water while allowing clean water to flows in. Also, this unit fits most single and double sinks which make it even more of a great buy!

3ZoLi Nail Trimmer


The first time I attempted to trim a baby’s fingernails, I was as nervous as anyone could be. Their nails are so small and so tender, you actually dread cutting them by accident. As much as possible, I avoid that chore. But, you can’t also just let them grow long and risk them scratching themselves.

Thank God there’s a genius out there who created this product! The ZoLi nail trimmer works like a grinder but safe for babies. It has cushioned pads with varying grits to smooth out and shorten fingernails.

4Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Starter Kit


Storing breast milk can take up most of the room in your fridge. With all the bulky plastic or glass bottles, it’s only understandable why you’re easily losing storage space.

Kiinde has found a solution by creating a product that allows you to pump, store and feed using a single pouch. It’s leak proof and has the toughness of a bottle to ensure less breakage. The twist pouches twist-locks to most pump brand because of its Direct Pump adapter.

5The Little Green Pouch


How pesky is it to be lugging several jars of Gerber or Tupperware of homemade baby food inside your baby bag? The answer: super pesky.

The Little Green Pouch is perfect for every mom in the baby food transition. The resealable plastic pouch is BPA and PVC free. Also, the pouch is dishwasher safe which means easier to clean.
I don’t know about you but this is one of the best baby products I have seen on the market.

6Ubbi Diaper Pail


Do you know what’s worse than smelly diapers? Diaper smells that lasts until you take them out for pick up.

Ubbi Diaper Pail puts a lid on the never ending stack of dirty diapers. With its powder coated steel and rubber lined lids, the yucky smell is sure to be kept contained. In addition, the pails come in different designs to suit your nursery’s theme and they are also childproof.

baby products

Yes, there are plenty of other baby products you can spend your money on but, this one is a must-have!

7Baby Brezza


Okay, so mixing formula with one hand while you have a crying baby on the other doesn’t seem to be a hard task. But, imagine if you have twins or triplets? How do you manage to milk for 2-3 hungry crying babies while trying to soothe them at the same time?

Introducing, the Baby Breeza. If adults have coffee makers, why can’t babies have a formula maker, right? Baby Breeza does just that. There’s no need for measurements, mixing or a fuss. With is patented technology, it mixes formula and water (exactly 98 degrees) to perfect consistency without air bubbles. Furthermore, it is equipped with an airtight formula holder that can store up to 70oz.

One of the most luxurious baby products on the market, but shut up and take my money!

8NoseFrida Aspirator


Based on the reviews this cool product got, it would be safe to say that this is one of the most recommended baby products by frequent Amazon buyers. Check out what they have to say.

baby products 8b 8c

9Green Sprouts Water Bottle Adapter


For your $4, you get one of the most useful and easy to bring baby products on this planet. Every mom has forgotten, maybe once or twice, to bring a sippy cup for their babies. Well, this simple yet ingenious product has solved that problem so long as you don’t forget to bring this as well!

The Green Sprouts water bottle adapter turns any drinking bottle into a sippy cup! How cool is that? It’s a combination of sippy and straw spout and it fits 2 standard bottle sizes. Also, it comes with a travel cap to keep the spout clean.

10Infant Portable Booster Seat


Forget about waiting for a server to bring you a high chair when you eat at your favorite busy family restaurant. Take an infant booster seat with you and you’ll be eating with less stress.

Lightweight at only 3.7 pounds, this booster seat is comfortable, easy to pack and clean as it is dishwasher safe. Also, it is dual purpose as a booster and feeding seat with 20-level adjustment height.

11Snuza Baby Monitor


Monitor your baby’s movement with the Snuza Baby Movement Monitor. Clipped on the diaper waistband, Snuza monitors your baby’s movement every 15 seconds. If there’s no movement detected withing the 15 second period, the machine will send out a vibration that will allow another 5 seconds before setting off an audible alarm.

Even the slightest movement like breathing is detected by the hypoallergenic device. Perfect for babies who have breathing conditions or other medical conditions.



Sticking a thermometer up a baby’s butt to check his temperature is way outdated. There are digital thermometers that take the temperature through the ear and with a click of a button. But, what if you’re at work and can’t get a regular text update from home?

TempTraq is a 24-hour single use wearable temperature tracker. The cool thing about this? It sends notifications to your smartphone. Though most users would want the item to be reusable, there are still many who are very satisfied with the product especially those with babies who hate getting their temps checked.

There you have them, folks! Twelve amazing baby products we and most parents on Amazon think every parent should invest on.

Of course, opinions vary. Some of these products may win your five stars over some of the others, but either way, you’re not on the losing side.

Investing in the welfare of your baby is one of the greatest investments you can ever make. Imagine the avoidable accidents you actually avoid. If it makes your baby more comfortable, don’t hesitate to spend. That is, after taking every other necessity into account.

Finding the right baby products to invest in can and will take time. Here’s a little tip, ask your neighbors, friends and the parents you see in the park. There’s no harm in getting the opinion of others before you start buying every single item on Amazon’s baby catalog. And with that, I bid you happy shopping!


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