Baby Saint West is welcomed to the world by online outrage

Few days ago, Kim Kardashian announced on her website the happy news about the birth of her son.

Little did she know that the happy news will be followed by an online rage aimed at the newborn and his parents.


His name.

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First, let me get one thing straight.

I am by no means a fan of Kim or Kanye and I would happily live the rest of my life blissfully unaware of their existence. Which is quite frankly impossible as news stories are made out each time they show up in public, go out for dinner, she changes her hair color, makes another outrageous statement or posts another selfie.

Still no one managed to explain to me why they are actually famous. And why are millions of people watching reality show highlighting what they do on daily basis and how boring is the existence of us, normal humans.

Anyway, the latest buzz is the newborn baby boy called Saint West. It shouldn’t have surprised anyone, after naming their first born North West.

baby saint west announcement

Yet, the internet has been unforgiving and everyone and anyone felt the need to express their opinions on the name choice:

Some got even more visual:

The question is:

Why does everyone think they have right to criticize them?

Is it because they are celebrities? They are entitled to give their kids bonkers names and get away with it? What was wrong with John or Peter? Or is it because it’s easier to insult someone you don’t know in person? 

Does the relative anonymity of internet give anyone the right to hurl abuse whichever way they please? 

Did they offend anyone by naming their baby? Did they ask about anyone’s opinion?

No, they didn’t.

They could have named him 50th Avenue West if they wanted, and it’s nobody’s business.

Here is why:

  1. It’s just a bloody name. That’s only a small part of who he is and will become.
  2. As parents, we make certain choices for our kids that will effect them for rest of their lives.
    Choosing a name is one of them. We make these choices with the best intentions and hopes for the baby’s future. No one would intentionally choose a name for a baby that would make his future life a living hell.
  3. Some parents believe that name should be something more than a way to tell kids apart.
    It’s a very personal choice that is influenced by many things like religion, beliefs, family values and other. In Kim’s case she already explained that this child came to them as a blessing after a long time of trying to conceive and very difficult pregnancy.
  4. Celebrities seems to be outdoing each other by coming up with more – lets call them – unique names.
    They want their kids to be recognized and remembered as unique. Which parent doesn’t want that? But most of us wouldn’t have the guts to call the baby Apple or Kal-El. If they do, good for them.
  5. Being a parent is a hard job as it is.
    You don’t need the rest of the world telling you that you did a shit job at the first task – choosing the right name.
  6. What is a right name for a baby anyway?
    These days people are naming kids after Instagram filters. I say let’s express creativity in all forms, who wouldn’t love to have Valencia and Juno for friends, instead of Nick and Mary?
  7. One last thing – enough with the parent shaming.
    If it’s not the name, they will be slagged off for what he is wearing, what expensive diamond encrusted crib he got or which game they let him play on Ipad.

Amen to that.

Let’s restore a little peace on Earth and let Kim and Kayne enjoy their little bundle of joy, whatever name he has. Every parent deserves that privilege.


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