14 Bad-ass Grandmas Ready to Teach you a Lesson

Grandmas are funny. Well, not all grandmas are. Some people are blessed with incredibly humorous grandmas while others are graced with the super strict by the book ones. I have the latter from both sides.

But, I won’t spoil your anticipation because we’ve found several grandmas who are funny as hell and they don’t care about filtering their words. They have stormed the internet world and people are loving it!

If you’ve heard of Aunty Acid, this is as good as that. So, without further ado, here are some of the sassiest grandmas on the internet.

1Chruch Talk


Clearly, this grandma believes in hell. Quite an intense statement to be honest but she speaks the truth! Preach, Grandma!

2Music Critique


Dang, she’s harder to please than Simon Cowell. She should have been on the panel of American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent. She would have garnered a lot of viewer ratings for the show. Talk about grandmas being brutal!

3Friends for Life?


This grandma probably is the last one from her group of girlfriends who are still walking the earth. And, I bet she already threw away her address book because there wouldn’t be that many left to call. Oh, the bitter truth of aging! Check out these, grans! They still have each other!

4Welcome to the Family


Ever heard of marrying the entire family when you want to marry someone? This grandma is the testament of that. Grandmas are one of the hardest to please in the family. Win her heart and you win your parents-in-laws’ hearts.

5Grandma’s Favorite


Well, that escalated quickly. You were the favorite one second and denounced the next. Talk about crashing and burning!

6Honest Mistake


If I was the sister, I would not know if I would be happy or offended by this exchange. Either way, it was an honest mistake. She’s ancient. Her eyes probably have already served her well. Give her a break.

Some grandmothers still have all the spunk even if this happens to them already.

7Teaching Trade


I have no words for this. None at all. I am just laughing my head off! Oh, the humor of wise grandmothers

8Brutal Honesty


I would be speechless if I was the granddaughter. I’m already heavy set and if I was told I’m fat by my own grandmother, I’d probably retaliate in a very sarcastic way. Then again, it would be nice to hear how my boyfriend responds. ;)

9Fortune Teller


Dang, this grandma is harsh as hell! As offensive as it may sound, this would be uber funny if it was said at the right time and with the right tone! XD There are just some grandmas you can’t help but love.

Then this grandma will not believe his grandson got a girl pregnant. It’s just a little stint in the video but this grandma is badass!




At least she hasn’t lost hope for her grandchild. How would you react if your grandma wrote you card like this? I would probably feel bad then laugh the second time I read it and then maybe question all the decisions I’ve made so far. LOL

11Super Supportive


At least we know she doesn’t have a problem with her grandson being gay! That would be a load off his shoulders. The rest of the family might not be okay with it, but at least nana is.

12Religious Devout


I can imagine this grandma praying the rosary every time her granddaughter comes out of her room in a miniskirt. Or get appalled at every cuss word she hears. There’s totally nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we need our devout nanas to remind us about right and wrong.

13Shade of Red


Is it just me or were there no filters back in the day? I thought the old times were about being politely honest? Maybe the modern days have corrupted our grandparents’ old fashion ways? I just about choked on my drink when I read this.

14Brutally Schooled


I hope she didn’t say this in front of his friends. If she did, he just got a major schooling from his 80-year-old gran. There’s absolutely no way he made a comeback from this!

Are your grandmas as funny as these? 


And here’s another one!

Mine isn’t but I still love her. She has her funny ways and can be very sassy but it’s the kind of sass that you would not like at all.

If you have a super humorous grandma regardless of how unfiltered her sarcasm can be, enjoy them! If you’re not easy to offend and your grandma is still as lovable as heck, you’re one lucky human being!

Have you been schooled by your grandma? Let us know in a comment below!