Ahh, big brothers. Such a gift and a curse to have at the same time.

More of a blessing. A curse because they annoy the hell out of you 90% of their entire existence.

But for those of us who do know what it’s like to live with big brothers, there’s a fine line between friend and foe.

I don’t have brothers, but I grew up with six male cousins who might as well be called my brothers because of how annoyingly lovable they are.

Guaranteed that by the end of this light read, you’d either be giving your big brother a call to set a dinner date or wishing you had one.

1. They’re the best people to have a fight with…

Truly, they are annoying. But which sibling isn’t? They probably will say the same thing about you but boy, fights with them are pretty epic. A big chunk of memories you’ll laugh at in the future is made up of nonsense arguments you have with your brother.

Yes, super annoying but we can’t live without them.

2. Your friends have the ‘hots’ for them…

big brothers
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Not only do you react this way when your girlfriends think your big brother is hot, the same reaction comes out if they find your younger brother hot.

Face it; you might find your brothers good looking secretly but will not admit that they’re hot publicly. Otherwise, they’d use it against you if they find out.

3. Potty breaks always cause an argument…

big brothers
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Like most of the male population, they don’t put the toilet seat down which makes you beg your parents to have your room renovated with a bathroom en suite so that you don’t have to share one with your unsanitary brother.

Tbh, they feel the same way when they see any item that has to do with your period lying around in the bathroom.


4. They have one common hobby – to annoy you

big brothers
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They’re excellent at it and they’ll do anything in their power to make sure they do just that. It will be their life mission until of course, providing for a family becomes the reason for their existence. And once that happens, you’ll miss him for sure.

This might not come until they’re about in their 30’s, so there’s a lot of annoyance to last you for a while.

5. They will tease any guy you might be interested in…

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Big brothers will be the number one critique of your choice in boys next to your dad. This is when they act all manly and tell you your new interest isn’t all that or is man enough to date you. They become your dad’s clone in so many ways.

It, as all of the other things they do, annoying but super touching as well as they think their baby sis deserves the best guy humanity can offer.

But then…

6. They become your boy logic experts…

big brothers
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They will tell you anything you want to know about how the foreign male thinking process goes as long as it’s within the “Bro Code.”

Yes, they have a bro code. This is a set of abstract rules every guy follows. They protect fellow male species to the best they can. They’ll let you in on the know enough to know which are predators and which are for real but nothing too much that you become a boy logic expert.

They won’t tell you, but they like conversations where they feel like they know more than you do. They probably beat their chest with pride like King Kong did on top of the Empire State.

And then…

7. They’re man enough to ask you about how girls think…

big brothers

As much as they would claim that they know girls, they don’t. Heck, half the time we don’t understand what we feel ourselves.

You’d know they like a girl if they come to you for advice. Give them a bit of intel on how complicated a female mind can be and he’ll soon worship the ground you walk on.

He’ll always come to you for advice thinking you’re Yoda.

8. They are weird creatures

Think they’re weird? You probably are too. Tendencies are, they got that trait from one of your parents. Your mom would instantly deny her involvement and blame your father. The thing is, the fruit does not fall far from the tree so you may not be a loud weirdo but deep down inside, you have a weird streak too.

Yes, I can tell you just smiled because you agree with me.

9. They have influenced you a lot…

big brothers

One way or another, their existence has influenced you and your personality. May you be a bit on the masculine side?

Or maybe…

big brothers
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You became a WWE fan because that’s all your big brothers watch when you were growing up. The names Big Show, Undertaker or Ray Mysterio don’t sound foreign to your ears. You probably know their fight song by heart too.


big brothers

big brothers
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Your view of fighting has escalated to testosterone level.

Admit it; you have defected to the darker side on numerous accounts.

10. You’ve probably picked up some of their grossness…

big brothers

Farting in front of your friends or scratching your butt in front of your brother’s friends doesn’t bother you as much as it would normal girls. That doesn’t make you less of a girl. It ups your chances of snagging a keeper.

I was told guys dig chicks who don’t give a crap about these kinds of regular biology stuff.

11. They teach you the meaning of a love-hate relationship…

big brothers
Movie Sludge
big brothers
big brothers
Human Beauties

The precious love-hate relationship that you will cherish for the rest of your life. One minute you’re fighting like cats and dogs trying to kill each other, the next you’re laughing with each other like you’re the best of friends.

You’ll also have plenty of these, but you’ll remember the makeup laughter after.

12. They WILL ALWAYS look out for you…

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big brothers
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They will make you cry but no one else is allowed to do the same. If they do, better believe they’ll be out looking for blood or some other form of revenge.

Yes, they are dorks in our eyes but heck, if I had a brother and texted me this message when my ex cheated on me, I would have melted into a puddle right then and there. This is sweet even if it was coming from my big brothers.

They won’t tell you at all, but sometimes they will show it that their younger sisters are princesses in their eyes.

Big brothers will treat their sisters the way siblings treat each other, but big brothers are also super legit confidantes. They’ll listen until you’ve had your fill of ranting and then they’ll surprise you with wisdom you’d be left with your mouth hanging wide open in amazement.

Big brothers are super fun to have.

I have none, but the older male cousins I grew up with did not fall short of this criteria. I remember one time in school; a boy was bullying me because I was chubby and then they all came and hung my bully on the school bulletin board. He left me alone after that.

If you have big brothers, let them know you love them. You might receive a text telling you’re gross but deep inside their testosterone filled hearts; they’re giddy with pride.

Got any big brothers wisdom you’d like us to include here? Leave a comment below!


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