Blogging Tips for Stay at Home Moms

You’re sitting at your dining table, trying to finish the blog post you’ve been working on for the last two weeks.

There’s a phone ringing, your kid spreading his spaghetti lunch around your neatly arranged bills and a washing machine just finished the fifth cycle for the day.

While you’re trying your best to concentrate, your mind is buzzing, and you’re losing your cool.

Can you relate to this? Well, most of us can! Being a stay at home mom requires a military training that none of us received in the prenatal classes.

While juggling family life is hard enough, if you add blogging to the mix, it can get tough. Most people think that moms who start their own blog just have too much free time on their hands. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

The secret to success in blogging in a structure and discipline. Two things most moms struggle with.

Fear not. I am here to help.


My Blogging Tips for Stay at Home Moms


1. Plan Ahead

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I cannot stress enough how important planning is. If you have a big project, the easiest way to tackle it is to divide it into small individual tasks.

Let’s say you want to make a commitment to write your blog posts on regular basis.

Write down how many blog posts do you want to do per month, then divide them into individual weeks. Plan content for each of these weeks and write them in your diary or online organizer with a deadline.

For blog posts that require more research allow more time and set a reminder to do few days of research ahead of your deadline. 


2. Your Family Schedule

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Spend one week monitoring your family plan. Write down when kids get up, when they leave for school or nursery, how much time you spend doing chores around the house, how much free time did you find for yourself on the particular day etc.

After the first week, check your schedule and try to pin down the best “me time” within. Look through activities you regularly do and try to find a way to do them faster / more efficient. See what would be the best time for you to do your blogging. When is the house most quiet? When will you have least distractions?

Once you find the best time for blogging, make a commitment do dedicate that time each day to do whatever your blog needs.

Think of it as your business hours.

Even if its only 20 minutes a day, if you commit to this for a whole week, you’ll take your blogging to the next level.


3. Avoid Distractions

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Your home is a source of distractions, whether you admit it or not, and this may be the biggest obstacle in your blogging. When you start working on your blog, dedicate a certain amount of time to this activity, and focus on nothing else. Set a timer a don’t do or touch anything else in that particular period.

Move things away from your laptop or work desk, work from a bedroom if needed (least distractions there), move your mobile phone and tablet away. Only open your blog in your browser, no other programs or websites.

If you need a little help, programs like Focusbooster can help you keep focusing on one task at a time.


4. Stay Organized

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If you’ve got too many things on your hands, the best thing you can do is write them down.

If you’re old fashioned, the diary is a good start.

I prefer online organizers and use Asana – an online project management tool that will help you keep track of your routine family tasks, plan your blogging activities or keep your research notes in one place. While it hasn’t been designed specifically for blogging or family schedules, it works pretty well and can be customized according to your needs.

There are plenty of other free tools that will help you stay on track, check this article with free resources for mommy blogging, under productivity section.


5. Don’t stretch yourself too much

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While having a clean and tidy house is important, so is taking care of yourself. If you’re exhausted, don’t push yourself into emptying the washing machine or writing blog posts while you can’t keep your eyes open. Make time for yourself, put your feet up, read a good book or just have a nap.


6. When Life Happens

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Having a plan is a great start, but we all know that kids there’s always unpredictable situations, last minute emergencies, sick days and other things that you can’t simply put in your diary and plan around it.

Don’t overfill your weekly schedule to the stretch point and leave some room for “emergencies”.

By having some “back-up” time on your hands, you will feel much more relaxed when emergencies happen and you have to move things around.


7. Get Help

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Don’t like ironing? Then don’t do it! If you can, get some help. It doesn’t cost a fortune to have someone come to your house once a week or even less to help you with cleaning and ironing. The time you would spend doing chores, you can focus on other things you enjoy more, like blogging!


8. Get Support

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Connect with like-minded moms, especially bloggers, and ask for their tips how they manage families, work & blogging. Learn from their mistakes instead of your own. Get support and encouraging words that every mom needs to hear once in a while.


So, have I missed out something?

Do you have you own little tricks that help you stay sane and on track? Feel free to share and leave a comment below!


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