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Bubble soccer, or Bubble Football as known in Europe, is a relatively new recreational sport quickly becoming the hottest trends for bachelor parties, hen parties, birthday parties or even corporate team building.

It has been such a trend that even moms and kids play the game or at least another version of it which is called Zorba. Zorba is a bubble activity where you go in a bigger bubble ball and roll down a hill. It’s pretty fun.

It’s exactly what you hear – playing soccer while inside a giant bubble that covers the upper part of your body and head. Slip on the Bubble soccer suit, bump, check or roll off your competitor in pursuit of a goal. Now, if that doesn’t sound like fun, you need to watch the videos to see what it looks like.

Bubble Soccer – Where It All Started

bubble soccer

Bubble soccer was first created in Norway by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden. The game made an appearance on their show Golden Goal, but it took a while before bubble soccer came to the UK. British entrepreneur Lee Moseley tried to get bubble soccer set up in Britain, only to be turned down by investors who didn’t see any future in the sport. He persisted and financed the project himself, and as a result bubble soccer is now played nationwide in the UK. By 2014 bubble soccer finally made it to the US and New Zealand.

Bubble Soccer Tips

bubble soccer

There are actually a few tactics when playing bubble soccer. These tips will help you get started and survive in the game according to the London Thunderballz.

Tip #1: Know Your Competition

Playing bubble soccer is an ultimate physical sport and not everyone is expected to excel at it. One has to be wise in playing the game. Big opponents are a bad mix for someone who’s shorter. Do not meet them head on. Instead, look for the right timing for a tactical “side knock”.  If you’re fast, use your speed to your advantage.

Tip #2: Don’t Aim Low

According to Thunderballz players, they have discovered hitting an opponent too low does not entirely work. Bubble soccer is a contact sport that has to be on a chest to chest level. Trying to hit somebody below the bubble while running will most likely make you lose balance and fall.

Tip #3: Rest

Rest whenever you can. If you get knocked down, take a breather before standing right back up. Drink lots of water and take it easy when you can.

Tip #4: Use them straps! 

Wear then. They’re installed for a purpose and that is to keep you in the bubble if you get contact. Want to be more stable? Then, use them straps!

Bubble Soccer Equipment

bubble soccer

There are only a few things you need to be able to have a full on bubble soccer match. Of course, you need a soccer ball. The inflated things you see people wear is what professionals call a “Battle Ball” and must be worn before stepping onto the field.

Bubble soccer battle balls can be purchased online and usually comes in packs of 4 or more. Prices differ from promos and sales but usually ranges from $800-$1000 for a package of 4 or $200 for a piece.

Tennis shoes or turf shoes are recommended while soccer cleats are discouraged.

Although optional, shin guards and knee pads are also highly recommended for additional protection but not required.

You should also have a goal post for each team. If you’re playing in a soccer field, then you’d be set to go. In case you are playing in your vast back yard, have a makeshift goal post.

Don’t forget a whistle for your referee, by the way!

And one of the most important equipment in bubble soccer: a pump. Imagine if you had to manually blow air into all the battle balls?

Bubble Soccer Rules

richmondbubblesoccer.com richmondbubblesoccer.com

Bubble soccer rules are quite similar to other sports. Of course, you will learn the ropes the more you play or if you join a league team but here are some things you need to remember on your first few games:

  • No goalies – there will be a zone where you can kick the ball from but players cannot stay in this crease for more than 3 seconds
  • Players – each team must have no more than 5 and less than 3 players per team.
  • Body Checks – you can bump somebody full body if you are trying to gain possession of the ball. Full on bumps are not allowed if the person is looking or facing the opposite direction. Players can and will get a 2-minute penalty otherwise.
  • On the Ground Rule – players who are knocked down can only be contacted again if they have successfully got back on their feet.
  • Whistle – it is a must for all players to stop when the referee indicates to do so. Matches can be stopped because of a loose strap or faulty battle ball.
  • Game Duration – a full game will be divided into a first half and a second half with a half-time interval for a water break.

Bubble soccer rules can be too much to process in one sitting so a player will have to review game plays and rules. Learn more about bubble soccer rules here.

Bubble Soccer Videos

There are plenty of tutorial videos online if you want to become a pro in bubble soccer. Some videos promote the benefits bubble soccer while some are just pure showcase of fun.

Warning: the videos below might just convince you to try bubble soccer out!

Buzzfeed staff have given their feedback on how awesome bubble soccer was on their first time. Kinda curious if any of them do this in the office to de-stress?

NABS or the National Association of Bubble Soccer were guests on Shark Tank and had their hosts try a game.

Check out this epic fun day by High On Life! They look like they’re having so much fun!

The River City Youth teens sure had lots of awesome epic hits! Definitely a bubble soccer best hit!

I wonder if FC Barcelona are as good with a battle ball on as they are without? Check out their bubble soccer game.

Rodeo style? I think they just made bubble soccer the most dangerous game. The bull wins, hands down.


So what do you think? Are you ready for such an insanely fun game?

Get your shoes on, gather your squad and sweat it out in a full on fun game of bubble soccer!

Who knows, the game might actually become a sport. It’d be so cool to see this in the Olympics! One things for sure, this game will never be boring.

I may not actually try this out since I trip over my own two feet, but I would totally have immense fun watching from the sides! So, what are you waiting for?

Time to get your game on.


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