14 Disney Hairstyles for Your Little Girl to Channel Her Inner Princess

Disney hairstyles are the bomb.

I’ve always wondered if an actual human being can pull off Elsa’s braid or if Pocahontas’ super straight hair can be Au naturale. I’ve pulled off Mulan’s hairstyle in Mulan 1 & 2. Yes, I’m Asian and I have naturally straight hair which made Mulan’s hair doable.

But, I have too thin of hair to even come close to Elsa’s braid. I’ve seen girls online dye their hair platinum blonde and pull off Elsa’s hair. My first reaction is always, “How do you have so much hair on your head?!”.

Disney hairstyles have also been very popular in weddings. And, recently, it’s been popular among little girls who really are Disney princess fanatics. I’m sure once you see this list, you’d want to try these princess hairstyles on your little girl as well.

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Check this.

Disney Hairstyles Perfect for Little Girls

Elsa’s Braid

disney hairstyles

Elsa’s braid has been the talk of the town since the animation came out.

This is easily one of the most famous Disney hairstyles.

Her hair was as famous as the OST. Women left and right sported their own versions of the braid. But, here’s how to do it to make it look as thick as Elsa’s.

Elsa’s Coronation Hairstyle

disney hairstyles

Right before Queen Elsa decide to “let it go”, she was the prim and proper princess with her hair always neatly tucked in.

Even then, her hairstyle was to die for. If you’re more into the updo than the messy yet stylish Disney hairstyles, you can definitely give this a try. It’s also perfect for any occasion!

Anna’s Coronation Updo

disney hairstyles

Okay, so now we’re done with Elsa’s hair.

Truth be told, we also loved Anna’s hairstyles. They’re perfect for the neat, prim and proper lovers or for those who just don’t want their hair all over their faces.

And trust me, your daughter will love Anna’s hair just as much as they loved Elsa’s. Seriously, the sisters rule the charts of Disney hairstyles.

Cinderella Hairstyle

disney hairstyle

Cinderella was one of Disney’s oldest princesses and it was the cartoon that really established happy ever afters. Well, we also dig her hair during the ball and it’s also one of the most classic Disney hairstyles.

So, for those who want to recreate it, here’s a video tutorial to help you try it on your little girl.

The Rapunzel Braid

disney hairstyles

I’ve always wanted to try Rapunzel’s braid. But, like Elsa, they have unusually thick hair. It’s understandable for Rapunzel.

Although you can’t really achieve the same thickness, the fresh colorful flowers would still look good on your daughter’s braid! Check out the video tutorial.

Belle’s Hairstyle

disney hairstyles

Following the latest Beauty and Beast craze, we bring you a tutorial for Belle’s ball hairstyle.

Her half-up-half-down hairstyle has been a popular look eve way before Emma Watson sported it for the live action movie. But, ever since the movie, I’m sure your girls are dying to try it.

Bell’s Ponytail

disney hairstyles

Here’s another one to keep your Belle craze fed.

Her classic ponytail that’s both casual and elegant. Perfect for your little school girl. Give it a go!

Jasmine’s Bubble Ponytail

disney hairstyles

Princess Jasmine had really thick and long luscious black hair. It was styled in what we call Bubble Ponytail. It’s one of the easiest to recreate Disney hairstyles by far and easy is a word we love!

Snow White Inspired Look

disney hairstyles

As the first Disney princess, Snow White has set the standards high. Little girls fell in love with her dark hair and bright red lips.

Don’t even get me started on the apple. Also, Snow White’s hairstyle is very 50s which is one of my favorite fashion eras. Take a look and give it a try!

Tiana’s Bun

disney hairstyles
Source: ilikeitfrantic.net

Tiana’s bun is very achievable. Many girls actually sport and mastered it already.

If your daughter’s hair is thick enough, Tiana’s bun can easily be one of your go-to Disney hairstyles. It’s neat and well kept so wearing it every day is no problem at all!

Aurora’s Twistback

disney hairstyles

Briar Rose’s hair in Sleeping Beauty was very hard to decipher.

The animation wasn’t it’s best yet during that time but the live-action movie, Maleficent, tried it’s best to make Aurora’s hair similar to the cartoon. Personally, I think they did a great job. Her hair is simple and doable, unlike the other Disney hairstyles. Watch the tutorial!

Wreck-It-Ralph Candy Hair

disney hairstyles

Technically, Vanellope isn’t really a Disney princess so treat this a sweet bonus for y’all. They got the style perfect to tee – from the licorice scrunchie to the bits of candy all over her hair. Cute Girl Hairstyles is truly a hair genius, I tell you.

Tinkerbell Bun

disney hairstyles

Yet another bonus for you. Tinkerbell’s bun would be perfect for Halloween or any party that requires costumes.

You know, just in case your little girl wants to go as Tinkerbell or a fairy. It only takes 2-3 minutes to do. Who cares if it’s not for a party? She can wear her hair like this every day to school!

Minnie Mouse Buns

disney hairstyles

Yes, we know Minnie Mouse doesn’t have actual hair.

We’re not aiming for Minnie Mouse hair. These buns make your girls’ hair look like Minnie’s ears! Add a bright red bow and you’re set to go! Come on, you can’t say that isn’t cute. ;)

Well, there you have it, moms. Fourteen Disney hairstyles you can try with your little girls.

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it right the first time. If you’re not a professional, give yourself some time to learn it. Give it a few tries and just be patient. You’ll get it soon.

Or, you can opt to try the simpler ones first to give yourself the success rate boost you need.

The bottom line, just have fun!

Ever tried your skill on Disney hairstyles? Let us know how it went with a comment!

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