DIY Monochrome Baby Rattle

Small babies cannot tell apart colors or shapes as easily as we do and that’s why they love playing with high contract toys.

Black & white toys are often recommended for newborns as they seem to stimulate them a lot more than other toys.

If you want to make one yourself, then follow this DIY tutorial by Lis Gillet.

monochrome rattle toy diy tutorial
Lis Gillet

What you’ll need:

  • a fabric of your choice (high contrast and black & white is the best option)
  • two buttons
  • stuffing for the animals
  • ribbon
  • jingle bells 2x
  • sewing machine

1.Start by printing out this rattle toy template and cutting it out. Place it on your fabric and cut according to it.

2. Sew the buttons where the eyes should be

3. Put the right sides together and add the ribbon – three loops.

4. Sew along the seam (black line) and once you cut the remaining fabric

monochrome rattle toy diy tutorial
Lis Gillet

4. Reverse and put in the stuffing. Use pencil to get it to the tiny corners.

Monochrome DIY rattle toy tutorial
Lis Gillet

5. Use an invisible seam stitch to close up – all done!!

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About the author: Lis Gillet is a French graphic designer living in Melbourne. If you want to check out her other tutorials, take a look at her blog


    • Hello Donna, unfortunately the original site where this tutorial was published is no longer available and we were not able to find an alternative source.


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