8 Myths About What It’s Like To Have Twins

Some twins look so different from each other; you’d never suspect they were twins.

But, how cool would it be if every time you look at your sibling, it’s like looking in the mirror?

There are different types of twins.

The most common ones being identical or fraternal twins and there are the unique yet a fascinating bi-racial twins who are fraternal but differ in skin and hair color because of a mixed race set of parents.

If you’ve seen the movie Parent Trap, you probably have a conception of what twins are like regarding their personality. They cause double trouble.

Well, you’d be surprised by some of the myths you’ve come to believe.

1. They ALWAYS want to share

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Have you ever seen female twins want to share their boyfriend?

Never, because they don’t always want to share.

They’ve probably shared the same

The outfit, same crib, same room- they already share the same birthday – for so long they would, of course, start wanting things that the other doesn’t necessarily need to have.

Borrowing is still welcomed, but there is a designated owner.

2. They SHOULD NEVER be angry at each other

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They’re still humans. They have emotions, and they have their individuality.

I’ve heard people tell their twins that they should never be mad at each other because they are a half of a whole. I don’t, and many people don’t agree.

How fair would it be if one twin DID wrong the other, and they’re told not to get at each other ever? Of course, the other twin would think what he did was okay.

They can get angry at each other as many times as they want as long as by the end of the day, they fix it. Simple as that.

3. They SHOULD ALWAYS want to be together

Image from Parents.com
Image from Parents.com

This made me laugh.

I went to school with twins, and they couldn’t stand to be in each other’s radius for one whole day.

They told me they saw enough of each other by being in the same bedroom and classroom that they don’t want the same set of friends.

In a way, I agree. I have the same set of friends as my sisters, but then again, they don’t look at me like a half of a whole.

Twins are still individuals with different personalities. Though they do not want to be constantly with each other, they have that unique bond that keeps them connected.

4. They SHOULD want the same things

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Another myth that diminishes the individuality of each twin.

There are some cases for this to be true. Maybe they’re into the same sport or same hobby but does not technically mean that they want the same things in life. One might want to be a musician while the other a lawyer. Although, this may apply to material things.

But wouldn’t it be cool if both your twins have the same profession? Like if they were actors, the other can stand in for the other. That’s if they’re identical.

5. They SHOULD ALWAYS depend on each other

8 myths about twins
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Relying on others to an extent is good but putting your life in their hands is a totally different ball game. The term is co-existed.

Twins don’t have to rely on each other for everything except emotional and psychological support. They each have their capabilities that can very well complement each other better than married couples, but they still need to live a life of their own.

Put it this way, if you had a twin, would you want to be always taking care of him/her for everything he/she needs?

You’re not his/her mother. :)

6. They ALWAYS know what the other is feeling or thinking

Yes, they do have a special connection that most siblings don’t have and much like everything else, it is because of spending a lot of time together. Best friends are the same.

But! That doesn’t mean that they ALWAYS know what the other is thinking or feeling. They’re not Jean Gray.

Although to a certain extent they’d know if the other is sad or angry, they can’t read minds. A grasp of one’s thoughts or feelings is developed by getting to know the other and spending time with them.

Try it. You’d soon know what sets off or what goes through the mind of that special someone.

7. Their relationship with their parents SHOULD BE the same

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Parents should treat them equally, but it does not go the same for their relationship. The other twin may just be more of daddy’s girl than the other. Whereas one twin would find it easier to talk to mom than to dad.

Treated as equals but the depth of the relationship would always vary.

And that’s okay. :)

8. There’s ALWAYS a good twin and a bad twin in every pair

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This myth is just plain ridiculous.

A person doesn’t become innately wrong. They become bad people by how they’re raised.

Maybe you know a set of twins where the other is good and the other is a tad bit rebellious. They did not come out of the womb evil.

There might be an individual event in their life that caused them to be rebellious. It could be their parents favor the other more. Or maybe he was bullied in school.

There are a lot of psychological factors that can cause the other to be bad, but it’s the same for every other type of siblings.

It’s a joy to have twins.

You get double the amount of work and cost, but you also get double the joy. One thing you’ve got to remember though is although they’re so similar, they’re also very different individuals.

They would appreciate it if everyone, especially their family, respect and acknowledge their individuality.

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