This Mum Creates Amazing Food Art

Kids are the pickiest eaters. They couldn’t care less if you are the best chef in the world. If the food doesn’t look interesting to them, they simply will not eat it. I’ve been cooking all my life and I can affirm that kids are the hardest palates to please.

If you thought your morning pancakes with perfectly arranged fruit selection are the state of art insta-worthy material, get ready for a bit of a shock.

This mom takes food art to a new level.

Meet Laleh Momedi, mom of Jacob who documents her cullinary ventures with stunning instagram snaps. Too pretty to eat? We couldn’t agree more!

1Trolls Food Art

Donut, watermelon, cucumber, apricots and tortilla wraps – a combination no kid would want to eat separately. Put them together in an impressive food art and it will surely be a child-approved dish!

2Guy Diamond

What a sumptuous looking meal even for an adult! The combination of protein and carbohydrates makes up a perfectly balanced dinner for kids and adults. Turn it into an appetizing food art and your kids will love every bite of it!

3Moana’s Piggy

Most kids will not even dare try quinoa. It’s too healthy for their liking. Add a Pua made from fresh salmon and you might be surprised by how much they’re looking forward to trying it!

4Fozzie from the Muppets

Fozzie from the Muppets for breakfast is exactly what would interest a picky eater first thing in the morning. Peanut butter and toast is a classic combination any kid will love!

7Rudolph the Pink Piglet

Food art can be healthy, too, especially if you use organic ingredients. Free range chicken tastes even better than regular chicken if you ask me. I especially love the beetroot-dyed mashed potatoes!

10Paw-tastic Brekky

Never have a dull breakfast ever again! I love chocolate pancakes and so do kids! You can’t go wrong with a pancakes and fruits combo for breakfast. Try your best to turn it into food art to make them love it even more!

11Secret Life of Pets

I loved the Secret Life of Pets movie. In fact, I re-watched it several times because I imagined that’s what my dog did every time I leave the house. Childish, I know. But, there’s nothing childish about this child-friendly chicken and mashed potato food art! I’d love to have a bite of this, too!


Have you ever had an onigiri? It’s one of my most favorite things to eat. The contrast between the sweet sticky rice and the crunchy salty seaweed is to die for. Most kids don’t like the seaweeds but turn into a Po food art and they won’t be able to resist it!


Shrek is a gross creature as described in the movie. But, this Shrek on the plate looks so good even the pickiest eater won’t be able to resist wanting to sink their teeth into it!

15Chicken Little 

Laleh Mohmedi’s food art is truly remarkable.

They look doable and super mouth-watering. I know it might seem a bit too difficult but it’s all about finding an alternative. Food art for kids is still art. No matter how rustic and childish it looks, it would catch their attention.

Here is the master herself in action, creating another instagram hit!

Recently she also shared a snap of her home studio with the picky eater himself!

Things are about to get real in the JFD household! Stay tuned for some fun food art/ healthy recipe tutorials- Exciting times ahead! 🙀🙀 If there are any characters/meals that you would like to see tutorials on please comment below! Much love Jacob and Laleh xx 😘😘 . . . . . . #foodart #food #art #melbourne #nikon #melbournemum #healthy #organic #videos #tutorials #steppingitup #instakids #kidsmeals #wellness

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