Never have I dreamed of seeing food handbags that look so real until now. The thought didn’t even cross my mind. Sure, I’ve seen bags with donut or pizza prints but these innovative works of art look so real you’d go hungry just by carrying it around!

Rommy De Bommy is a Netherlands-based designer who’s fueled by her love for food. You’d think becoming a chef would be the first route to take, right? Not for her. Rommy has grown her internet popularity the past two years, and though all her works are excellent, her food-inspired handbags stand out the most.

“The purses are made out of different sorts of foams. Mostly I use a soft version which will dry after a couple of days and become really hard and strong. It’s a real piece of art which has a practical function.” – Rommy De Bommy via BoredPanda

Are you curious yet? Scroll down and check her edible looking food handbags!

10Marshmallow Bag

This is one giant marshmallow. If it were real, it could make enough S’mores for a party!

Doesn’t that look so realistic? It probably even feels like a real marshmallow. I can totally imagine the fashion braves to sport this yummy looking handbag.

Tbh, I’m not really into wearing candy colors. I’m more into earth and dark colors. But, I must say, this is pretty cute and would be perfect for a pop of color for vintage fashion.


9Pie-tastic Food Handbags

I do not have enough words to describe how real her food handbags look. I am in complete awe and very impressed by her innovativeness.

I am just amazed by how creative her mind is when it came to conceptualizing her product line. Who else could have thought of doing something of this nature and turning it into a large-scale business? This girl is going places!

That is the smile of a very creative mind and that is the look of success. ‘Tis sweet! Rather, success is indeed sweet!


8A Plate of Spaghetti

Just look at how this inanimate plate of spaghetti matches her outfit so well. Talk about adding a fresh flare to the usual sexiness of red, right?

She would totally get stares from onlookers but definitely for the right reasons. First, it would be curiosity over her food handbags then it would be complete appreciation of her art. Now, that’s a perfect match for first impressions!

7Cake and Macarons

I love sweets and they are the bane of my existence. The kryptonite to my never ending diet. And, just by looking at this, my mouth is already watering.

How about that? It looks like a picture perfect cake from a famous bakery in Paris. The gold fade on the macarons make it looke even more impressive!

If her product was around when Legally Blond came out, I bet this would be featured in the movie. This is so Legally Blond material.

6Sandwich Bag

This is literally a sandwich bag. As in it looks like a sub sandwich. And, it will constantly remind you of how hungry you are all the time.

Looks good enough to eat, right? For every food addict/fashion guru out there, you’d love this piece. It’s not tacky so you wouldn’t be hesitant to incorporate this to your daily look.

A hot woman and a hot looking piece of sub sandwich – what guy would not want that combination? She looks great and her food handbags are lit!

5Bag of Donuts

I love jelly filled donuts and if I didn’t know any better, I would probably be tempted to take a bite for myself!

I would pay good money for a big ass donut like this. This would surely satisfy the cravings in one go!

Hold that thought. I’m gonna step out for a while and be back with a box of jelly-filled fried goodies!

4Full Breakfast 

I do love sweets. But, there’s something that I love more. Bacon. Sausages. Eggs. Breakfast food. And she turned it to the most delicious looking bag.

Oh. My. God. This bag looks so mouth-watering I am seriously drooling right now. It’s almost bedtime for me and I am looking forward to breakfast.

Those perfect charred breakfast sausages make food handbags like this worth every penny. I want one!

3Healthy Toast

Now, this is another version of the breakfast bag but on a healthier take. Our health nuts would appreciate this.

Many times I’ve been told that the best breakfast for those trying to lose weight and become fit and healthy. The famous avocado and egg toast. It’s pretty good and filling actually.

Then again, we’re not here to talk about taste. What I love most about this bag is how the bright green of the avocado pops and stands out perfectly!

2A Slice of Happiness

Pizza is the symbol of happiness. At least for me. Fine. I’ll admit I love food. Period. I don’t only like sweets and breakfast food. Pizza is my go-to meal when I’m stressed out.

Nothing like a greasy and cheesy slice of pizza and a cold beer to end a stressful week. Maybe carrying this bag around would help! ;)

That is perfection right there. Rommy is a genius. Genius, I tell you, genius!


1Sushi Roll

And, I will not forget one of my favorite food. Sushi! The endorphins are already surging through my body just by looking at this heavenly roll!

How does she make them look so real and appetizing?

What I love the most is the size of the bag. It’s perfect for a party sling bag for those with an eccentric taste in fashion!

Well, are you impressed with Rommy’s food handbags? I’m sure I am.

If you’re not fully convinced yet, check ou her Instagram account, @rommydebommy, for more food handbags!

You are going to end up amazed, I tell you!

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