This is not a promotion but I absolutely love funny kids videos from AFV.

From montages to compilations to best of their vast collection over the years has consistently provided tearful laughter to viewers world wide.

And why wouldn’t it? A big chunk of their success come from hilarious kids and their not so epic fails.

I applaud the parents, guardians or any adult supervision during these times for capturing the moment on video which gives, us, viewers who are in need of divine laughter intervention a chance of making our crap-tastic day a little less shittier.

These funny kids videos will tickle you fancy – might be an understatement but you get the drift.

Get your popcorn buttered, your drinks iced and you butts seated for the curtain is about to open.

Kids with Animals

Kids at the zoo. Seems like these kids have no idea how ferocious and wild the animals behind the glass are. Which is actually a good thing.

The otter and the apple one really had me going, “Awwwww!” And not to mention the baby who was laughing at the lion scratching on the glass. Playfully or did the lion think she was lunch? Either way, adorbs!

Kids and Animals Encounters

I’ve had a personal experience in encountering a huge cow that wanted to eat a corn cob out of my hands at it was quite an experience. I totally can relate with this kid who’s trying to feed the bison.

This video only shows how much of a connection kids can have with animals whether they be domesticated or wild.

Precious and hilarious!

Crazy Kids

Oh the things kids are up to these days. It’s like they know what they do will make us laugh. They come up with the most random crazy stuff and I bet adults end up scratching their heads in bewilderment instead of scolding them or getting angry.

Definitely watching more funny kids videos in my free time.

My friends will be talking about the latest Pretty Little Liars or Walking Dead episode and I’ll be telling them – while laughing, whichever comes first – the last funny kids videos I watched.

Kids in Tight Spaces

The term curiosity kills the cat? Here, its curiosity gets the kids stuck.

There are tons of places around the house where body parts shouldn’t be anywhere near it but of course, ever the curios kids, will see what’s it for and will figure it our for themselves that they’re not supposed to bee there.

Lessons learned in a most epic way!

Kids being Kids

This is by far my favorite video. Love the boys reaction when the phone rang.

Two thumbs up. Rated 10/10 in comedy central.

I know, they don’t try to be funny on purpose. They just have that raw talent of being ignorant and making us laugh.

Kids Compilation of 2015

Adorable eating habits and even more infectious laughs, this is the best of 2015!

Kids Fails

Even kids have bad days.

We probably were more interesting back in our baby days too and if we’re lucky, we get to bring that until adulthood.
Sometimes all you need is a kids imagination and their heart to have fun. Look at things from their eyes and see where it goes from there. Sounds like a plan? Might be a bit dangerous though.

Try at your own risk. Hahaha!

But seriously, these kids are insanely talented when it comes to making adults laugh. They may be unaware (or are they really?!) of their budding talents but let’s help them nurture it. Encourage their imagination and fun!

Got any funny kids videos worth sharing? Leave a comment below!


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