15 Kids Who Played a Hairdresser with Surprising Results

Okay, you know how some products have a warning that says, “Keep out of reach of children.”? Manufacturers put that for a reason. It’s obviously for their safety. But, in times such as these, it may even be for the sake of saving them from looking ridiculously funny.

I remember my younger sister who has done the exact same thing these kids did. I was making dinner and my older sister was busy watching TV. The horror I saw when I found her unattended is now but a hilarious memory.

At least I know she’d rock the bald look.

Anyway, these kids probably found out if they could rock the bald look also. Check out these haircut fails

1I Wanted a Mohawk

haircut fails

From the look on their faces, there are mixed emotions about haircut fails. The dad’s clearly pretty upset or trying to decide whether he would find this funny or absolutely stupid. The brother is thankful he doesn’t look as stupid as his younger brother looks. And the haircut fail owner is looking at himself the way he’d look at himself for all his future stupid decisions.

2Can You Fix It?

haircut fails

A Reddit user posted this photo 3 years ago. She’s a hairdresser and her regular client came in with her daughter. She asked the Reddit user if she can fix this. Uh, yeah. The answer is nope. The only way to fix this is she either shaves off all her hair or wear a wig. It sounds mean but what can you do about that?

3I’m Tired of It

From another Reddit user, her niece got tired of her bangs so she decided to cut it off. She probably thought it will grow back overnight. I blame the media for this. Hahaha. Oh my god, these haircut fails are going to give me gas from all the laughing.

4I Want to Be Like Daddy!

haircut fails

Oh no! Those gorgeous red locks! Well, they did say that hair grows thicker if you shave it off. I wonder if it applies to head hair.

His mom posted on her Facebook account that he wanted to have hair like his dad’s. So, I take it he’s balding?

5She Loves It

haircut fails

This girl is Avery and from the huge smile on her face, I take it she likes her hair. Apparently, she’s been cutting her own hair. I wonder if this habit of hers develop into a desire to become a hair stylist in the future? Of curse, she’ll learn to develop the right skills over time.

This isn’t really considered as one of the haircut fails because she seems happy with it.

6Patched Up

Whew! Good thing he’s a boy! The bald look would look totally good and refreshing on him. That grin on his face tells me this isn’t the first time he’s done something he’s not supposed to do. Hmmm, Justin, you little trouble maker, you!


7Pixie Cut

haircut fails

If I didn’t know any better, I would be convinced that this is just a plain old pixie cut hair. It is a bit rough around the edges but it kinda works too. Hmmm, I smell a future hair stylist here! Edgy and sharp!

8Spot the Not

haircut fails

Can you spot the not? He looks perfectly fine, right? Well, he does unless half an eyebrow is what’s normal. If I didn’t read the caption, I would still be looking for the haircut fails mishap I’m not seeing. Handsome boy, though!

9Goodmorning Momma

haircut fails

Guess who’s going to the barber to get his head shaved? This guy is! Mom said she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his son’s creation. I would laugh. 100%. I’d rather laugh because he seemed like he’s not worried about it at all. He’s probably laughing at his 6-year-old self now that he’s a teenager!

10Forehead Show

haircut fails

She’s too cute for me to even care about the mishap. She still looks adorable even without most of her bangs. This may be one of the cutest haircut fails on this list! I can’t over that smile and those blue eyes!

11Crisp for the Gals

I love the caption! Tbh, it’s not even that obvious. Who am I kidding? That patch of whiter skin sticks out like a sore thumb among all that luscious black curls. I want to touch those curls, though. I bet they’d be bouncy and so full of volume! Envy!

12Big Mistake

Dads, if you’re reading this, please do not leave your trimmers where your crafty kids can figure out how they can reach that cool buzzing contraption you usually use. Otherwise, you’d be getting a lot of haircut fails like this.

13Can’t Leave Them Alone

haircut fails

All I wanted was to go pee by myself, then he cuts his own hair…

I almost died laughing at the caption! I can imagine his mom shaking her head, asking herself if it’s so wrong to have 30 seconds of private time to pee. Oh boy. You just can’t leave your kids unattended even for a short period of time. They either end up covered in peanut butter or losing portions of their hair!

14My Hair is Ruined!

haircut fails

I would cry too if I ended up with mullet-looking hair. Oh no! Poor baby! I bet she had to wear headbands for a while until it grew back. One thing’s for sure, she probably learned her lesson.

15New Haircut

haircut fails

It does look quite funny but at least it’s not as bad as it being unfixable. He can easily opt for cutting the rest shorter – maybe a crew cut. Or cut the front shorter and style it up. If you’ve seen the ones before this, you’d agree this isn’t one of the worst haircut fails on this list.

16Patch of Red

haircut fails
Source: alaskanewzealand.com

Oh, Abel. This probably won’t be the last time you think cutting your own hair to be fun but, at least your dad’s there to give you a full head shave in case you think of repeating this. What can I say? Kids are curious and most of the time, their curiosity is entertaining.

Have you ever had haircut fails as bad as these? Have your kids ever tried becoming their own barber? 

My younger sister did the same thing when she was only 3 and back then, bald heads were okay for babies. Sure, she wasn’t able to wear pigtails and people often wondered if she was a boy but at least my older sister learned her lesson after the ass chewing from our mom.

It’s a good thing it was only hair. What if it was an eye or an ear? This might be quite funny but if you think about what might happen, you’d want to be extra careful with leaving scissors or trimmers around.

Let’s all be extra careful because sometimes, their curiosity is dangerous! Ever had a mishap like this? Let us know with a comment below!