Homemade pregnancy test? I’m sure you’re as surprised as I was when I heard it for the first time.

Can you make a DIY pregnancy test of your own? Surely that must be a joke!

The truth is, even the bright old Egyptians were using them (not like they had a nurse or doctor on call). They were using the woman’s urine which they poured on a mix of various grains, and if one of them germinated, that meant that the woman was pregnant. As you can imagine this method of testing for pregnancy wasn’t very accurate.

We had to wait until 1968 and the invention of Margaret Crane to make detecting pregnancy just a matter of peeing on a piece of paper.

If you’re already noticing some first signs of pregnancy, but you’re not 100% sure if you could be pregnant, there are few things you can try at home. Some of them a bit strange, but many people swear by them.

Homemade Pregnancy Test

They all work pretty much on the same principle – you will need to use your urine so it will get messy! Always use your morning urine for most accurate results. Here are the five homemade pregnancy tests that work (supposedly!):

1Homemade Pregnancy Test: Bleach

The homemade pregnancy test with bleach is supposed to be one of the most effective ones. Simply collect your urine in a plastic cup and mix in some bleach. If the mixture starts foaming, that means you’ll be a mommy! It does release some nasty smell, so don’t perform this in a small bathroom without a window!

How can homemade pregnancy bleach test confirm you are expecting?

Pregnancy is detected by the presence of HCG hormone that only occurs during pregnancy.

Using bleach as your detection method is one of the most accurate ways to home-test your pregnancy as this hormone reacts quite well with bleach. The reaction takes less than minute to appear.

If you don’t see fizzy foam, no HCG hormone was detected, and you’re not pregnant.

Just to make sure what you’re supposed to look out for, here is a video of positive bleach test:


2Homemade Pregnancy Test: Toothpaste

This one is quite popular simply because you can use an everyday item that’s already in the bathroom.

This homemade pregnancy test is based on mixing your urine (of course!) with a spoon full of toothpaste – if you see the mixture turning light blue, or it starts to froth and foam, that means you’re pregnant! (supposedly that is)

The problem with this method is that there is no recommended amount of urine or toothpaste to use, so potentially you might be wrong results if not performed correctly.

3Homemade Pregnancy Test: Urine

Surprising as it may sound, you can detect the pregnancy just by using the urine itself. Collect your urine into a sealed container or bottle. Place it on a flat surface and make sure you don’t touch or shake it after that.

Come back to check it 24 hrs later. If you see a thin white layer on the surface of your urine, that’s your confirmation of pregnancy. This is the easiest of all methods as it doesn’t require anything additional, just some time.

4Homemade Pregnancy Test: Wheat and Barley

Ok, this homemade pregnancy test might be more for fun than actually having some medically sound results. It is based on the old Egyptian method of detecting pregnancy.

Pour some of your urine on wheat and barley seeds and see if they germinate.

As per the Egyptians, if the wheat grows you are expecting a baby girl if the barley grows it will be a baby boy. A bit weird, isn’t it?

5Homemade Pregnancy Test: Sugar

Another popular homemade pregnancy test as it requires just a few spoons of sugar. Put 2-3 teaspoons of sugar into a bowl and pour the urine on it.

If the sugar starts dissolving, that means you’re not pregnant.

If you see some clumps forming, that means the result is positive.

6Homemade Pregnancy Test: Dandelion Leaves

This method is said to date back centuries ago when women were more “in touch” with nature. Dandelion leaves are pretty common in almost every backyard and in a lot of public parks.

Dandelion leaves are pretty common in almost every backyard and in a lot of public parks. Just don’t be creepy when you pick them from public parks. We don’t want you to get suspicious looks. :)

Use your early morning urine and simply soak the leaves in it. If you are pregnant, the components of the leaves will react showing read blisters on the leaves. If it stays clear, the no baby on the way.

Check every 10-minute interval to make sure. Sometimes, the leaves take the time to react. Oh, make sure you shield the leaves from sunlight before you use them for accuracy.

7Homemade Pregnancy Test: Pine-sol

Pine-sol has been a household cleaner favorite for many years. It’s manufactured to keep our houses clean and smelling good. It was not at all in the minds of the manufacturers to create this product as a DIY pregnancy test. Our ancestors, however, has made use of the “Pine-sol” method before it was even invented. They added urine to pine cones, needles and leaves waiting for a change of color to indicate a positive pregnancy.

Since we now have Pine-sol at our disposal, we do not need to be so primitive. :)

Same process, though. Add urine to Pine-sol and if the color changes then you are baking a bun in your oven!

8Homemade Pregnancy Test: Vinegar

Very cost efficient considering the possibility of multiple tests to make sure. Same as the ones already mentioned, add your early morning urine to a cup of white vinegar and wait for a color change to indicate positive pregnancy.

Click here for more details.

9Homemade Pregnancy Test: Soap

Super easy to perform as the item is part of your everyday life. Simply take a small piece of soap and your first-morning urine. Add some urine on the soap and if it froths, then you are pregnant!

A bit peculiar, agree?

Sure, they might be a tad odd but many people have tried them and so far results have been surprisingly accurate.

Then again, why create more work for yourself when you can just walk-in your nearest pharmacy and buy a few?

Personal choice is what this is about. Our job is to let you know there are other ways. :)

Friendly reminder: if you have symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, missed periods, cramps or breathing changes, it would be best to visit a doctor. Don’t jump into a conclusion of pregnancy right away as some medical conditions present the similar symptoms.

In case you are wondering if you’re pregnant based on your last menstrual period, check out our Due Date Calculator to find out the best next steps. We also have a month-by-month pregnancy guide that can help with your future steps.

What about you? Have you tried any of these? Let us know how it worked for you in a comment below!


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