How to choose an original blog name

Starting a blog can be a daunting task. First thing on the list is, of course, your blog name!

What will you name your new baby? Will it be something personal? Will you name it after your favorite movie character, yourself or favorite food? Or (God forbid) your pet!?!?

Coming up with an original name for a blog isn’t easy.

There are already hundreds of blog with the weirdest names you can imagine. And in my honest opinion, being too original doesn’t always work for your benefit.

Keep an Open Mind

My number one advice for naming your blog would keep an open mind. Imagine you want to start blogging about mom’s life, but over the course of your blog’s life, you will end up posting mainly healthy recipes. Having a blog named “Mommy & Me” doesn’t add up when the blog shifts focus primarily on recipes.

Keep an open mind when choosing a name for your blog. Go for something neutral. Something that can easily transition into a new area, if you decided that blogging only about diapers and baby food is not your thing.

Keep it Simple

Number two advice is to keep it simple.

Blog name that has more than four words in the title is just too long and complicated, for no benefit. There are plenty of tools online that can help you with creating new words by mixing up letters or existing words. That’s a great option if you want something very original, no necessarily with deep meaning.

Your blog’s name is only a part of its personality, so don’t spend two months just thinking about how you name it.

There are few basic requirements that your blog name should meet:

  • It should be easy to read, pronounce and spell
  • It should be memorable – one or two-word names are the best
  • It should be concise
  • It should be unique (but don’t go wild)

Use a Helping Hand

Advice number 3 – use a helping hand.

Don’t sit staring at a blank paper for hours. There are plenty of tools available online that will help you to get creative and brainstorm some ideas for you.

Here’s my top 5 picks (there’s plenty more, but you don’t need to waste too much time going from one tool to another one):

5 Tools for Creating a Unique Blog Name

1. Name Mesh

namemeshThis tool uses synonyms and antonyms paired with some intelligent settings to give you plenty of unique word combinations to choose from.

2. Wordoid

wordoidCreates made up individual words which are memorable and sound great.

3. Panabee

If you have a name idea, type it here. If it takes, Panabee will give you alternative suggestions which might inspire you further.

4. Domain Groovy

domain groovy
Domain Groovy is a simple tool that lets you search through thousands of related domains just by entering a keyword.

5. Impossibility

This tool takes your suggested keywords and combines them with carefully selected words to give you ideas about new names, including featuring unregistered domains.

If you prefer to brainstorm the name yourself, there’s more help available. The expert at I Can Build a Blog came up with this original graphics that illustrates the process of choosing a blog name! It is a huge help if you don’t know where to start from:

How to come up with The Perfect Blog Name


So, how are you doing now? Got a better idea how to come up with a good blog name?


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