I Picked a Wrong Name for my Baby

4 Mistakes to avoid while naming your child  (or how NOT to scar your kid for life)

Picking a name for your child is perhaps the most stressful decision you will make before your baby arrives.

There is so much pressure on picking a name that will fit your child and that you will be able to shout down the halls for the next 18 years.

You don’t want to regret the name you picked for your child, so there are a few mistakes you want to avoid to make sure that doesn’t happen.

1. Spelling that Doesn’t Make Sense

Okay so someone got the idea that it was cute to change i’s to y’s and vice versa, and then that grew to other letters being interchangeable.

Suddenly common names were unique and attractive again… and then it spiraled out of control.

If you are thinking of a name that has four x’s and three z’s and then four a’s in a row for no real reason, just stop right now.

There is no need to have a name like aaaanderzzzoonxxxx and then tell everyone it’s pronounced Anderson.

The kid’s name is Anderson, then spell it that way. Because your child will hate you by the time they hit first grade and have to write that name over and over again.

2. Over Popular Names

You don’t want your child to be in a class with four other Samanthas. The first day of school has to be spent choosing how each Samantha will be distinguished.

Okay you’ll be Sam A, you’ll be Samantha J, you are Samantha C and you’re Sam H. and then do you have a middle name?

It just gets confusing for your child and the rest of the children in the class. Not even talking about how personal those kids feel when they’re labeled like a box of cereals.

3. Name Pairings

The important one.

You are going to be calling their names often, so you want names that sound good together.

Or at least,, names that have nicknames sound good together. If you have a tongue twister of name pairings, you’ll get frustrated just by calling them to dinner.

Bryan and Byron is a mouthful that would get old fast. Madison and Madeline sound fine until they both end up with the nickname Maddie.

Perhaps worst of all is Sam and Ella were calling them is like calling out illness, it’s just no longer cute.

4. Name Meanings

You may find a name that is adorable in its right.

You’re going to spell it like a sane human being; it’s not too popular, and it goes great with your other kids. Then you look up the meaning of the name and suddenly it’s not so cute.

For example, Kennedy is an adorable name for a girl or a boy. Then your child goes with their friends to the mall, and they stop to look up what their name means at one of those plaque stands.

Suddenly the name Kennedy isn’t so cute when your daughter realizes it means “Deformed head”.  Yeah, try explaining that one when she gets home.

What about you? Do you have anyone in your family or friend circles with strange kids names? Did they explain how they picked the name and why?


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