Ladies, these HOT guys will show you how to do BRAIDS

The word is out – man braids are officially a thing! If you haven’t noticed yet on Instagram, braids are taking over from buns.

Who liked those in the first place?

You don’t have to be a fan of Vikings to see the appeal, just look at these guys who can pull off braids of all sizes and shapes.

Now take it easy and don’t just rush off to tell you husband “it’s time you start growing your hair”. Today it’s man braids, God know what’s going to come after that.

Flower wreaths for guys?

Mohawk braid on gorgeous dark hair

Mohawk Man Braids by @jessicaannartistry

A photo posted by Neil Jou (@neiljou) on

Back to nature

Top Choice

Side Braid tutorial

Tripple Braid

#TB to these amazing braids made by @fergn97 👌🏻😁😎 #manbraid #manbun #hatersgonnahate #manbunmonday

A photo posted by K I N G ▲ D A N (@danielzavalan) on

Pretty Cool

Another Blondie

#manbraid #newstyle #legit #hair #thankyou

A photo posted by Cy (@cylisstuckey) on

Double Braid

#manbraid for life 💋

A photo posted by Chance Worthy (@chanceworthy) on

Model Braid

Brad Pitt Braid?

Happy Pisces moon my lovers 🌙🍺❤️

A photo posted by PATTY 🌹 (@wanderlust_astrology) on

The best for last, one sexy tutorial to get you started. WARNING – you might ask your husband to grow long hair after seeing this.


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