Luggage for Kids - 8 Cool Travel Essentials

Going on a trip? Stressed about handling your luggage and your kids? Fear not!

With these cute and absolutely practical luggage options for kids, your journey will become one big adventure without added stress.

Most popular options number one, two and four which were made for riding.

So cool I want them to make these for adults too!

cool luggage for kids

1.Melisa & Doug Trunki

This is the best one to ride on. You can let your kid pack his own luggage filled with his toys and basic necessities. This kiddie luggage is mobile and easy to wheele around even with your kid sitting on it. It’s size makes it easy to carry on board and store in a plane’s luggage bin as well.


2.Wicked Cool Toys Batman Vrum

Perfect for your superhero. I can only imagine how entertaining it would be to see your boy in a Batman mask throughout your travel time and sitting on his Bat mobile!


3.Lightweight Penguin Luggage Set

Personally, I find penguins cute. So if you ask me which one I would get for my kid, it would be this penguin luggage hands down. But it’s not just because of its design, its pretty lightweight which means my kid would have no problem lugging it or carrying around using its back straps.

4.Diggin Skootcase

Now this kiddie luggage is rad cool. A Vespa looking luggage is sure to make your tyke happy. Does this come in adult size? I wouldn’t mind getting a few incredulous stares from people.

Kidding aside, this is one cool way to keep your hyperactive child entertained. Just make sure he doesn’t disturb other travellers while he’s having fun.


5.Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage

This luggage comes in different animal designs which allows your child to choose his favorite animal! Because of it’s lightweight built and striking color, this luggage would be perfect for both hand carry or checked in luggage.


6.GoVinci Kids Wheeled Hardcase Trolley

Hardcase is perfect if you have items you want to keep intact. This one would be perfect for your daughter who might have packed a Barbie doll or two. The hardcase will keep heavy weight from breaking any breakables and it comes in hip cool designs as well.


7.Ride on sticker trunk luggage

This has the ultimate London feel. Hardcase and chic for kids? Yes, please! They come in other colors and designs, too. You’re diva daughter will definitely love this.


8.Travel Buddies Luggage Set

Got a sci-fi fan for a kid? Get this alien luggage just for him. Of course, he may prefer a Star Wars luggage but he might enjoy this, too. The striking green color makes it easy to spot even amidst a sea of massive luggages. And again, the hardcase keeps his stuff intact.


Need more choices? Check out our list below:

Some of our other favorites


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