How to Make Your Kids Love these 7 Super Foods

Here’s the problem. Not every food item on the go, glow and grow food pyramid, aka super foods, is loved by children.

To be honest, not all of them are tasty, but all of them are beneficial to the growth of your baby.

So, how, may I ask, do you get your kids to eat them?

Here’s the answer: incorporation.

Yes, it’s all about what you incorporate these super foods with.

I practically raised my little sister and boy was she the pickiest eater in the world but to her surprise, I was not going to put up with it.

I learned how to cook at a very young age and had a pretty good palate. I put that into use.

Moms, although you may still be learning the art of cooking, don’t worry. You’ll get it. But in the mean time, let me offer a bit of help.

I’m going to give you super doable tips on how to make your kids love these

7 Super Foods & How to make Kids Eat them


1. Berries

Let me start you off with the easiest super food on this list.

Berries are antioxidants and are filled with vitamins which makes it a super food. The fact that they’re super tasty is just a bonus to help you make your kids love them.

Kids these days don’t get enough of them though because of all the processed fast food flavors they seem to like more.

You can add berries to their favorite dessert – may it be a chocolate cake, pie, a scoop of ice cream or smoothies. You can also make jam out them to include in your kid’s PB&J. Or you can add them in your waffle or pancake batter.

You can also blend them together, put them in ice pop molds and leave it in the freezer. Instant healthy ice pops!


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2. Fish and Seafood

Now this can be a bit tricky. Of course, if your child is allergic to crustaceans, you have no choice but to find a substitute. That’s where fish comes in.

Fish, especially salmon, is high in Omega 3 and DHA, which are fatty acids essential to brain development. But truth be told, if not cooked correctly, your child is just going to stick up his nose in disgust. Nobody likes a fishy smell.

Right now, they won’t want to eat raw salmon unlike when they grow up and discover the popularity of sushi. Opt for canned salmon or tuna instead. Make a sandwich spread and cut them out into shapes with a cookie cutter.

You can also make breaded fish fingers, baked pasta with fish or homemade fish nuggets that your toddlers would love.

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3. Leafy Greens

This is your child’s worst enemy. And his immune system’s best ally.

No, they won’t eat the salad or the sauteed greens in garlic.

Here’s what you do, blend them. Then you add heavy cream, salt, pepper and some chicken or beef stock. You’d have a lovely creamy soup. Melt some cheese on top of it to get the kids piqued!

Another way is to chop them up subtle and include them in a breading mix or bake them in a quiche.

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4. Nut Butter + Nuts in general

Now, peanut butter can be a no-no although its one of the tastiest super foods. Why? Because of the sugar rush, it gives your kids and whatever other unnatural preservatives manufacturers include.

Make your own peanut butter or buy from an organic store. They’re as good as the commercial ones but healthier to boot. You also have other nut options. Try a hazelnut butter or a cashew butter with your kids PB&J or incorporate them into your pancake batter.

I guarantee you; they’ll love them, and they get the nutrition they need for these super foods.

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5. Eggs

One of the easiest super foods to get your children to love.

Already tasty when cooked on its own but they can get boring.

Make a ham and egg salad spread you can put in your kid’s sandwiches. All you need are hard boiled eggs, some mayo, diced ham, salt, pepper, tinge of sesame oil, a dash of nutmeg and you can incorporate a leafy green like flat parsley to add color. They’ll love the nutmeg taste.

Eggs are easy to prepare so you can get pretty creative with this super food.


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6. Beans, Oats, and Grains

Train your child early to love beans. For starters, you can puree navy beans or kidney beans after simmering them in a tomato based stock with some parsley and basil. You can also puree the greens with the beans. Makes a great baby food and they’ll get accustomed to the taste.

Don’t they like oats? Add their favorite fruit and some honey. Berries, bananas, and peaches would work. You can also add some cinammon and some milk to add to the flavor. But of course, see what your child likes and incorporate from there. Then there’s the easiest way of baking them into cookies and bars.


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One of the healthiest dairy product of super foods. Supre rich in calcium, protein and good bacteria for digestion.

Yogurt can be challenging because it has a natural tart taste to it that a lot of kids won’t like. But its all in a matter of how you use it.

Add berries and honey to your frozen yogurt and your toddlers would think its an ice cream sundae. Chocolate syrup wouldn’t hurt also.

Make dressings out of it or include them in your fish nuggets dip. You can also do the same trick with the berry ice pops. Mix some cocoa or strawberry or any berry syrup with it and stick in the freezer. Your children will love the cool treat especially if you have a teething baby.

Cooking is an art. Cooking with super foods is a masterpiece.

They say children are the hardest critics to feed. They’ll just automatically spit things out if it doesn’t suit their taste. But if you can feed kids, you can feed anyone as what I was told.

Be creative with your superfoods moms. Incorporation is the key. Experiment which superfoods match with each other and don’t be afraid to use some cheese or whatever unhealthy flavoring your kid likes as bait so long as it’s in moderation and the superfood is dominant.

My ultimate tip is: start them young. Don’t wait until they have their developed taste buds and can talk back before you start introducing these superfoods to them.

Take the time to learn, experiment with and develop your cooking skills. It’s worth the trouble. When your kids are grown up, they’ll thank you for it.

Got any creative superfoods recipe? Share them on a comment below!


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