15+ Best and Funniest Marriage Tweets of Last Year

Many people say marriage is the end of a life of freedom and the beginning of a life where you have to consider the other person all the time. Some people say it’s the beginning of a happy life as one. Then, some people regret getting married.

Marriage is supposed to be a great chapter of a person’s life because you get to spend it with the person you love the most. For most couples, that’s the case and it’s clearly shown in their tweets!

Check out the best and funniest marriage tweets of 2016!

1One Brain


I have no other reaction to this marriage tweet except laughter. It’s true. Most women think all men share one brain while women have more than a brain each which is probably we why we tend to overthink everything!

2She’s Got the Looks

Such a rude cashier! Did they not look like a couple? She probably didn’t mean to do that so kudos to this guy for playing it cool and finding humor in it! Marriage clearly isn’t about looks!

3Moody Women

Well, things changed for her quickly! And no wonder men think women are moody and unpredictable. What they don’t understand is the cause most of the unpredictability.

4Grocery List

Never send a man to do a woman’s job. On their defense, never send a woman to buy something from the hardware store if you don’t want to end up owning another puppy!

5Nighttime Bedroom Talk

I hope he doesn’t get an extra string of yelling bout after his wife sees this. Maybe it’s a different kind of yelling? Let’s hope it’s the sexy kind for his sake! :)

6Saved by the Daughter

This is the very reason why the movie took the daddy world like a storm. It’s the perfect excuse! Thank God for daughters crazy over Frozen!

7The Spokesperson

Think of it this way, if you’re the type who hates giving public speeches, you can count on your wife to do that for you! Most definitely, she’s the spokesperson of the house. She knows exactly what you’d want to say.


How hard can it be to remember, right? Come on, guys. You can do that at least! LOL

9Doggy World

He’s the father his dog never had. Shut up and let him buy his engaged dog a tux if he wants to! XD

10Choose Your Words Wisely

Choose your words wisely, husband, if you don’t want them to be your last! A woman scorned in marriage is dangerous!

11Food Choices

This is my parents. Every. Single. Time. I usually know where I want to eat and if I don’t I go along whatever my guy wants. yes, I’m not a complicated female when it comes to food.


For sure, she knows she deserves to be loved. #SelfRespect dude! You got yourself a keeper! Isn’t marriage enlightening? ;)

13Cheetos is Life

Cheetos is life! I would do this to my husband, too. Then again, if I’m the wife, I’ll make sure we’re never out of Cheetos – the flaming and jalapeno kinds.

14She Knows Everything

There’s no hiding things from your wife. Whatever it is you’re hiding, she’ll find out eventually. Marriage is like a power up on a woman’s instincts!

15Gotta Catch ‘Em All

This is what happens to you marriage when your partner gets sucked into the warped world of Pokemon Go. It’d be cool if you don’t have children and you’re both into it!

16Loop Hole

Oh my god. This couple’s banter is marriage at it’s finest! I cannot help but laugh at this guy’s marriage tweets!

17Smart Ass

You know you’re well into your marriage when your husband’s smart mouthery does not piss you off anymore. Instead, it makes you question your decision of saying ‘I do’.

18Marriage Banter 101

This is what marriage will sound like if two intelligent people end up with each other. Arguments will never be dull and will always end with a smart ass rebuttal.

So, has marriage been like this for you?

Friendly banters like this is totally normal. Some experts would even say it shows how healthy your married life is. You and your partner clearly have the sense of humor to make your relationship fun yet sensible, serious yet flared.

It shows how comfortable you are with each other to voice out your sarcasm, find the funny side out of it and not get offended. Of course, this gives out an image of understanding between the two of you.

So, keep those funny marriage tweets. The social media world is digging it and we can’t complain because we’re loving it!

Did you get a good laugh? We did, too! Let us know your favorite marriage tweet in a comment below!


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