Meet Leia and Lauren Twins Taking Instagram by Storm

Warning, cuteness overload ahead!

Ready to face it? Then meet Leia & Lauren, twins from Singapore travelling the world with their parents, posting the cutest snaps along the way.

You can’t help but smile on how adorable these two are.

Follow their Instagram account and see how they grow into two young ladies.

Little Mermaids after their meal

How mermaids really look like after a hearty meal #nowaistline Crotchet mermaid costumes from @quinnbebe

A photo posted by Momo Twins ~ Leia & Lauren (@leialauren) on




Noodles anyone?


Three is a party!


Holiday Spa


Look we can sit!


3 months old, happy as a clam!


Rock & Roll


Do-nut disturb!

8 months today and yay! One step closer to having our first donut #krispykremefansalready Organic summer romper from @winterwaterfactory

A photo posted by Momo Twins ~ Leia & Lauren (@leialauren) on


Clap along if you know what happiness means to you!


Aren’t they just absolutely adorable?

Do you have similar pictures of your little ones?? We would love to see them and publish on our next feature! Get in touch and leave a comment below.


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