CharliChair - the stress-free and pain-free answer to infant bathing woes

MerTay Yassa from Sydney, Austalia has made internet breaking news with her cool invention designed to make parents’ lives easier during careful baby bath times.

Yes, she has experienced extreme back pain and bathing her third newborn had become difficult.

‘By the time I had my third baby Charli-Rose she was a bit heavy and the whole bath time routine became exhausting,’ Mrs. Yassa said.

Thus, the birth of Charli Baby Shower Chair.

This chair allows the parent to prop their baby onto the chair without having to bend down to hold them steady while bathing. Parents can stay standing and avoid aching backs and hips.


Charli Chair is multi purpose.It serves as a bath chair for toddlers and a high sitting tub for infants.


Mrs. Yassa’s started with a prototype for her baby’s own use and later took her prototype to a hit TV show named Shark Tank to catch investors’ eyes which was beyond successful after receiving a $200,000.00 investment.

Since the entry of investors, Meray Yassa improved her product creating a new CharliChair which is 2-in-1. This means the baby can either take a bath or a shower using the same unit. CharliChair not only brings the needed infant’s comfort it was created for but now has the capability to accommodate the needs of a growing baby from birth to 3-years old.


Because of it’s innovative and effective use, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian has asked Meray Yassa to send them one for their baby, Saint West. CharliChair is rising to fame just as it’s new design has three levels adjustable for every parent’s and baby’s comfort.

After 5 prototypes, long hours with engineers and much sweat and effort, the Yassa couple has been presenting their invention to baby expos to showcase their awesome product.

Over the last 12 months, Meray Yassa witnessed her brilliant idea flourish into a successful business and have been distributing their product worldwide.

CharliChair is available on Amazon.


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