10 Most Loved Babies of 2016

Okay, so, social media has been nothing but full of political crap, horrendous breaking news and the occasional People Are Awesome videos we all love. Most of the time you just get frustrated going through them unless all your newsfeed shows are cats and cute animals.

I’ve had my fair share of negativity from social media to last me a lifetime. I’m at an impasse where I feel like I would be better off shutting down my accounts. Then again, I would not want to miss all the good and happy stuff it’s supposed to bring.

Which ones do I mean? The cute viral videos of the cutest babies to have graced the social media world in 2016!

Don’t remember them? Well, let me refresh your memories.

1Runaway Baby 

This baby ran away with her older sister’s phone and was unaware the entire thing was on video! She couldn’t care less if it was recorded or not but we can tell she was enjoying pulling this prank on her sister. What she doesn’t know is that the whole world enjoyed watching her, too!

2Dreaming of Spaghetti


I love the part where he kind of comes to and remembers what he was doing. See? Babies are so much fun to watch! This is seriously a better use of my social media time.

3Who’s Your Daddy?

The baby was probably like, “What sorcery is this?!”. This video went viral with almost 10 million views on Youtube! This baby will definitely laugh out loud when he’s old enough for Youtube.

4Pamper Me

This is one record topping video being viewed over 65 million times through Daily Mail’s Facebook page! Just look how relaxed he is getting his hair washed and brushed. Oh boy. He’s going to be one pamper-seeking man when he grows up! He knows how to enjoy the finer things in life!

5Me Too!

Aww! Little Ella wants to be part of the love! How can you bear to exclude this little cutie out of it anyway? Ugh, I love babies!

6I Want Your Beard!

Clearly, this daughter loved her daddy’s bearded face. I would probably react the same way if my dad shaved his beard off. Some girls don’t like the facial hair but this girl knows it’s very manly as long as it’s kept right!

7Hear Now

I about crumpled into a pile of tears the first time I saw this video. It’s such a sight to see babies hearing their mom’s voice for the first time. There’s that instant connection and they know it. Babies are so precious!

8Batman Did It!

This is priceless! I could have gotten away with so many things when I was this age if I blamed it on Batman! Why didn’t I think of that?! Sometimes, babies’ imagination in the midst of getting into trouble will surprise you. You wouldn’t whether to be proud, wondering on angry.

93 Babies vs. 1 Mom

Babies versus mom and mom won! I super admire how good this mom is at being a mom. I cannot imagine getting 3 hyper kids ready for bed. It’s a feat only possible for a super mom!

10Bottle Flip Baby

Shot before the end of 2016, this curly haired baby has taken the social media world like a storm. Her video went so viral, Ellen Degeneres brought her to her show! She is the envy of babies and the year has just started! Her dabbing is lit, too!

Remember these babies now? 

Yes, they made you laugh and probably rape the play button on their videos. I certainly had so much fun watching them over and over again. My personal favorite is the Batman stint. He’s just so incredibly witty and cute!

Which of these babies is your favorite? Comment your answers below!

featured image: not in a video, but this gorgeous lady deserved a prime spot in our post! Check out her beautiful pictures here!


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