Finally! Seriously Accurate Milestone that Depict the Reality of Motherhood

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How fast time flies! First, you’re pushing your baby into this world and the next thing you know, she’s walking around spitting out the handful of words she knows (and some she is not supposed to know). And then, you wake up one morning and she’s off to college.

Serious milestones right there.

And, what better way to share these milestones with family and friends across the globe than to use the ever reliable social media?

Seriously Milestones was created by a full-time mom Issy to simply communicate to the massive reach of social media that parenting isn’t all about pleasantries and happy babies as what is depicted online.

Seriously Milestones is about telling the truth – that having kids isn’t all coffee dates and gummy smiles. The cards embrace the desire for parents to capture and share more of the ‘real’ parenting moments.

Her creation is a pack of cards with parenting milestones where parents can snap a picture of their baby when she accomplishes a milestone from the deck of cards. They can share their images on social media with #seriouslymilestones as the hashtag.

For every pack sold, one dollar goes to a charity called PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) to help with their cause. Check out their incredible collection here!

Seriously Milestones – momooze Favorite Picks



Man, I am so excited to be introducing this super cool new brand to you guys. Coming very soon to our virtual shelves are the awesomely funny, very real milestone cards from @seriously_milestones. We all love capturing the first night they slept through and the first time they crawled, but how about capturing your first hangover post baby, or the first time they discovered their genitals? 😂 I so wish these were around when Jack was a babe. Check them out on our website very soon!

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Each pack is filled with 20 humorous and creative milestone cards so you don’t have a hard time choosing which milestones to snap first! For $29.95 AUD, you can choose between a standard pack for yourself or a gift-wrapped pack to give to a friend!

Screaming is what we do best!

Hope your Wednesday passes quickly… . . . 📷 @and_the_rest who makes beautiful items & babies 😍

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Yes! Babies are some of the loudest creatures on this planet! Makes you wonder how so much noise can come out from such a tiny body.

Explore little one, explore!

I’m going to call it-today I had THE BEST day. Feeling so content. Anyone else feeling like an absolute legend in their own lunchbox?

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If your baby figures out how to get out of the complicated contraption called the “high chair”, then you ought to snap a photo because that is one major milestone achieved!

Just like in a guidebook!

Yup. It will pretty much be like this every single night for the next few years or so. Parents become the master of power naps and functioning on 3 hours of sleep.

Every time when a scratch comes around

Oh, gosh. Trips to the ER is never a good thing. But, going there in style is indeed a milestone for both parent and child. Show them how calm and collective you both are even though you’re panicking on the inside. 😉

That moment…

I do not even have the right words for this. I have tried explaining this to my nieces and nephews and got some of the weirdest reactions known to adults. Just tell them that’s where the pee comes out. The rest can be saved for their later years!

Spa moments at home…

Those eyes 😍

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What’s that floating around mommy? I made doo-doo in the bath, mommy! And you’re probably thinking, “You are definitely you father’s child.” 😆

Fill the gaps…

These milestone cards can go on forever. And, every time you fill these out, you’d either be laughing so hard or crying because you’re due to buy a new iPhone from the store because the warranty does not cover poopy water damage. 😆

Happens at least once…

Maybe your baby had a sudden urge to live out a rock star moment? Even grown men do this. Why can’t babies?

Real moments for real moms

Something is coming… . . . Stay tuned (and if you see me walking around looking like I’ve lost my mind, I have, give me a cuddle).

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What are you waiting for? Go and get yourself a pack of Seriously Milestones cards and enjoy your everyday life with your wonderful kids! Share them with your family and friends online.

Seriously, though. Worth every penny!


Connect with Issy and all of the other Seriously Milestones moms out there! Check out her Facebook page: Seriously Milestones and her Instagram: @seriously_milestones! And, don’t forget, your awesome milestone photos can get more views by including #serioulsymilestones in your posts. Happy parenting!


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