Motherhood - Facebook vs Reality

When it comes to mom’s Facebook page, it’s filled with cute pictures, quotes, anecdotes and telling all the fun activities and milestones the kids are accomplishing.

However, the reality usually consists of screaming in the bathroom, pulling your hair out and wondering just how long before your brain explodes from hearing the same song for seven hours straight.

It’s not all the fun and games that moms on the Facebook post.

So if you see a mother putting up an overly cheerful post about their kids, this is what they mean (at least according to us!).


facebook-logo smallKid 1 learned a new song today. He’s so sweet he wants to sing it for Grandma!

Reality: He won’t stop singing that song. My God, I know you think it’s hilarious to say the sky is yellow over and over again, but for the love of all that’s holy, sing it for Grandma before I lose what’s left of my sanity. Mommy loves you, darling; she just can’t stand you right now, and she doesn’t want to stifle your creative expression.

baby singing


facebook-logo smallGoing for a playdate! The kids can’t wait to play with their friends, and it will be great to catch up with everyone.

Reality: If I don’t get some adult conversation soon I’m going to lose it. I need your kids to distract my kids so that they will stop asking me to play with them consistently and I can have a moment to think thoughts that don’t revolve around preschool television shows. Let’s get together and talk about our favorite shows and books we don’t have time for anymore.

kids playdate
metro kids


facebook-logo small The kids are playing so nicely together and hugging. Awwww!

Reality: This lasted for literally as long as it took to make this picture. After which he took her toy, and she screamed bloody murder. I had to give a lecture on sharing and she pulled his hair until he let go of her toy…they both completed ignored my talk and ended up in time out. But look Facebook at my well-behaved and sweet kids!

kids hugging
seth nenstiel photography


facebook-logo smallTired and worn out but it was such a fun day with the kids. They certainly keep me going.

Reality: Where the hell do they get their energy? They never stop, all day long running and bouncing and screaming and making me chase them all over that awful playground. I am tired after four hours, but they never let up. I’m about to pass out on the couch, but they’re still chasing each other around the house. I NEED COFFEE! Or whatever the hell the kids have that I don’t.

family fun
she knows


facebook-logo smallCleaning house while the kids play in the other room. It’s pretty peaceful this morning.

Reality: I can’t see the floor, the dishwasher is full of dishes, and there are baskets of laundry everywhere. I’ve given up on cleaning because any moment I’m not watching them ends with a bigger mess than what I am trying to clean. I will never have a clean house again but feel compelled to keep cleaning because I feel like a failure if I don’t keep a clean house for my family.

kids in playroom
hum ideas


OVER TO YOU  –  Do you have any more of your observations to add? 

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